Jan 19 2014

No. 12 – Custom Zombie Heads by Gabriel Garcia & Jorge Perez

2013 was a big zombie-year for me. I did ten custom zombies using the excellent head sculpts made by Gabriel Garcia & Jorge Perez.

Jan 19 2014

No. 13 – Baby Doll Head by Hot Toys

I bought some female head sculpts this year – Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson / Black Widow and my favorite head: Baby Doll.

Jan 11 2014

No. 14 – Mens Hommes Tool Sets by ZC World

ZCWO Tools

I really love the three tool sets from Zc World. I hope, they will do some more in the future.

My German review

Jan 11 2014

No. 15 – Athletic Bodies by Kaustic Plastik

KP Bodies

Kaustic Plastik brought us some great new bodies.The caucasian guy will make an excelent mobster.

Here’s my German review.

Jan 7 2014

No. 16 – Egg Chair by Super Duck

What a wonderful piece of furniture!

Jan 6 2014

No. 17 Phicen Seamless Bodies Ver. 4

When I bought my first seamless body some years ago, I wasn’t really happy with it. But I have to admit, they are getting better and better with every release.
Me German review of the generation 4 bodies is here on ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT

Jan 5 2014

No. 18 – Woman’s Fashion by Very Cool

Very Cool Toys started their business in 2013 and they did some great outfits- like this one.

Jan 5 2014

No. 19 – Armchair by CM Toys

I love nice furniture. This armchair is a great addition for many sets.

Jan 3 2014

My Faves 2013

2013 was a busy toy year for me. I started with the online magazine Action Figure District And well… that’s a lot of work. That’s the main reason why it became very quit in this blog. But I like to continue with my old tradition, showing my favorite toys of this year. There were a lot and it wasn’t easy to take a decision. So I thought, why not make a Top 20 List this year.

Okay here we go:

No. 20 – Female Bodies by Play Toy

play toy bodies

A nice standard body for a reasonable price. Okay, the butt is a bit too fat, but anyway Pop Toys takes the price for the biggest boobs ever on a female action figure. Russ Meyer would be proud on it..

Nov 11 2013

Weekend of Horrors


I spend the last weekend on the Weekend of Horrors convention. That was a very nice and spooky weekend.

Today I wrote about it for the Amusio magazine.

And some lines for ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT as well.

Here ie my facebook album