Feb 24 2013

Tom Tales – Strange Worlds

Here is the first part of the new Tom comic. This is part of the Globetrotter game on the German AFD board. An action figure (Tom) is send from member to member. Every member takes some pictures with Tom and his collection or Tom in his hometown. Some members do photo stories with Tom and some do even stop/motion movies. This is Tom’s third visit here. So meanwhile he’s an old friend and actually it was his first visit here that made me start doing action figure comics.
At the moment this comic is only available in German.

Tom Tales

Jul 1 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Hello Everyboby
and welcome to my brandnew blog.
In here I will tell you something about my work, upcoming project and some news from the action figure world as well. I decided to do it in english, so more people can read it. If you are German and want to drop a line, don’t hesitate to do it in german or english, what ever you like.

welcome picture