Nov 17 2011

Vote for LEon!

Do you remember my friend LEon from Singapore? He’s the guy who did the interview with me for his blog Open The Toy a couple of years ago. His blog is now a nominee in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in the category best geek blog
So, Head over to and go under best geek blog to vote for open the toy
The voting allows multiple voting every 2 hours until 27 November 2300 hours Singapore time.

Aug 2 2011


There’s a new section on the comix page. Here I gather all cartoons, short stories, personal comics and stolen memories.


Nov 7 2010

Comix 10/2010

Webcomic tip in Comix 10/2010.

Jul 3 2010

Proofread Season 2

cover season 2

I could need some help. You know I’m not a native speaker, so I’m looking for someone who likes to help me, to turn my broken English into some proper English. The good thing is, you’ll be the first one who’ll see the new chapters and you get it much earlier than anybody else. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail.

Jun 15 2010

Support Memento Mori

support Memento Mori

If you like the Memento Mori comic, please vote for it. That will get me a better ranking and with some good luck it will win me some new readers. Thank you very much.

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Dec 6 2009



LEon asked me for on interview for his Open The Toy blog located in Singapore. You’ll find the interview here. A couple of days ago there was a little preview as well

Sep 5 2008


I did some little improvements on the action-figure homepage. Now you will find more thumbnails on the collection page. I hope, that it’s now a little bit easier to find a certain character or a certain image. I also wrote, how many pictures you have to expect behind each thumbnail. I hope to find the time someday to work on a complete redesign with a better usability.