Nov 26 2009

Teaser #5

Here is Teaser #5.


For my Vespasian I choose the Tony Soprano head, sculptured by Chan Ada.
Have a look at the Vespasian busts from the time he was the roman emperor. I think Tony Soprano makes a good version of the younger Vespasian.

Oct 30 2009

Memento Mori Teaser

I started to work on a comic adventure. It’s still a lot of work, but anyway, here are the first teaser pics.



Sep 18 2009

Signifer, Cornicen, Vexillarius & Aquilifer

The Vexillarius is the original Ignite figure. For the Cornicen I build a cornu, using an infusion tube, some wooden pearls on a plastic stick and some Green Stuff. The Signifer got a mask, made out of an old Dragon head. On the top I used Green Stuff and stamped some ornamental tribes into it.

Signifer Cornicen Vexillarius Aquilifer

For the eagle I took a Schleich eagle. The arrows are from ToyBiz 6 Inch LotR figures. In a toy shop I found a lion that was useble for the animal skin.

Signifer Cornicen Vexillarius Aquilifer

Sep 18 2009

Quintus Sulpicius Longus

Here is one more tribune: Quintus Sulpicius Longus
The gear is mostly from the Crazy Owners kit.
As you can see the part is played by Jason Statham. ;-)
Sometime after the Rome project he will play the Transporter.

Quintus Sulpicius Longus

Sep 5 2009


A little update to the subura cast. Here are my legionnaires. The first one is the original Ignite figure.The second and the third one got a Dragon head. The last figure is a bbi body. I prefer the gallic helmets. The attic version wasn’t really common in the normal troops. It can be used for officers.


I like the Lorica Segmentata. I hope, I can get some more of them to do some more roman soldiers

Sep 5 2009

Appius Paccienus

Here is a little update to my Rome Cast.
It’s the Ignite Centurio with no changes. It’s one of the better Ignite heads. Reminds me on a young Al Pacino.

appius paccienus

Aug 28 2009

Marcus Gavius

Here is my Centurio Marcus Gavius. Again I didn’t like the original Ignite head, so he got the Moore/Mel Gibson head.

Marcus Gavius

Aug 25 2009

Aulus Verginius

here is my next character: the tribune Aulus Verginius, son of an old patrician tribe. It is mainly the Ignite Tribune, but I didn’t like the head, so I changed it. Now Brad Pitt has the honor to play that part.


Aug 16 2009

Gaius Julius Caesar

Over the last two weeks I had a lot of work to do and didn’t find much time to work on the Subura project. There is a little progress at the Lupanarium (pictures will follow soon) and I worked on some army props. From now on I like to introduce with every new update characters who will populate the project. Somewhere I read: “Rome didn’t had an army, it was the army.” So I start with the Army. At the moment I count 17 heads and it’s still growing.


This is the Ignite figure with no changes. I’m not sure whether good ole Gaius will take part in a story, because most of the soldiers are from the first century. For example the lorica segmentata wasn’t in use in Caesar’s time. So for historical correctness it doesn’t go together.
But anyway, today Caesar gets his solo.

The pictures were shot in the inner section of the lupanarium. The fresco in the background is from the Villa di Livia (Ad Gallinas Albas) The mural painting is today located in the Museo Nazionale Romano. There I bought the little poster. The bust is from a souvenir shop in Rome. The marble base is a wooden block covered with self-adhesive foil. The Egyptian chair is from an Asia-odd-shop. That makes me want to do a Cleopatra custom figure as well.

Mar 29 2009

A Gaspump for Joe


And here is my second flea market item, a vintage gaspump for the Joe’s Garage comic location. Maybe it’s a bit too small, but with a little tricking on the perspective it will work proper. Btw, in the 1/1 world this gaspump is a savings box.