Jan 5 2012

Top Ten 2011 – #5: Writing Desk

#5 goes to the writing desk from DID.



A great set of furniture, although DID made it for a Nazi criminal. I was glad that the table and chair came without any Nazi rubbish.
I’m a diorama maker, so I’m always after good furniture. This one can be used for a Godfather set.

Oct 16 2011

Duiven 10/2011

Yesterday I went with Andre (McGee) to the Actionfigurado in Duiven. It was nice as always to meet the folks from blogs ‘n’ boards. And as always I spend more money than actually planed. Here’s what I brought home from Duiven: The DID Writing Table, a M4 Case from GoGoGo, (I’ll use this one as a stage case) The Bits & Pieces Set from Shrunken Head Studios and a Phicen Seamless Body.



Oct 16 2011

Found on Ebay…

…a fireplace and an Einstein bust.

new items

Dec 24 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

3. Chinese Furniture

chinese furniture

Again some furniture on the list. What should I say? I really love the Ming-style furniture. I found it last month on the Fashion-Doll fair in Cologne.

Dec 16 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

Like last year Shaun started a TopTen list of his fave toys of the year and asked some bloggers to do the same. Last year it was big fun, so of course I’m in it again. Last year I focused on the 12 inch toy market – This year I will show only toys that I bought.
Here is my number 10:

10. Tulip Chairs

tulip chairs

As a diorama and toy comic fan I always look for some nice furniture. Some month ago I found this tulip chairs on ebay. I think they will be a nice addition to some sets I’ll gonna built in the future.

Nov 10 2009

Chinese Furniture

Last sunday I visted the Fashion-Doll fair in Cologne. As always it was nice to meet some folks. From Klaus I bought some Re-Mint surprise packs
And I found some jewels for my patrician ladies.
When I saw this Ming-style chinese furniture, I couldn’t resist.
Here are some quick shots.

chinese furniture

Mar 28 2009

The Rocking Chair

Last weekend the flea market season opened in my hometown. So I switched my attention into onesixth mode and went for a walk. I found two nice items. The first one was this rocking chair.

rocking chair

I thought, it would fit best into a Western setting. So I did a quick set improvisation for it. It was a good change as well, to give two of my Sideshow extras a first appearance.

Nov 13 2008

Working on one of the comic sets

For the upcoming comic adventure I will definitely use some of the already existing sets. But I will built some new sets for this as well. Some elaborate, some sketchy. One of the locations will be the home of one of our heroes – an attic flat. For the furniture I will use mostly Gloria kits.

So some words about Gloria furniture first. They come in a good scale or at least better than the mattel stuff. Some pieces are a little bit too small, and they fudge on the depth of the sets as well. But the size is still acceptable. The sets come as kits – just a fistful easy to assemble parts. At first sight the sets look ugly, because everything is in barbie-pink. But some coats of paint can cause a miracle. The sets are pretty cheap. That’s the good news. The bad news is, that you get them only in the United States and that the shipping fee is more than overpriced.

Here are my repaints of the Gloria sets:

The office set.

The entertainment set.

The kitchen- and refrigerator set.

The bathroom set.

Sep 4 2008


A few days ago I went again to the Indian shop and bought this little dresser.


Aug 29 2008

Some New Furniture


On ebay Hongkong I found this armchair. This is the right one to sit with a good book next to the fireside.


Actually the glass cabinet is a 1/12 piece. But I would say, it works as a small one in 1/6 as well. I found it on ebay. The mirror is from Xenos.