Jul 11 2009

Ancient Graffiti

Here is the painted version of the forica. The source for all the graffiti was the book “Decius war hier” (Decius was here) by Karl Wilhelm Weeber. Thanks again to Amithi That was a very very useful hint.


Feb 21 2009

HBO – Rome


A couple of days ago I bought the HBO show Rome and as an addition the book about the show. Both are good sources for my upcoming Rome diorama project. There are a lot of great reference pictures of locations, props and costumes. I really like the show, even though it reminds me sometimes on an ancient version of that Dynasty Denver clan. On the DVDs are some good extras as well, but I haven’t seen them all yet. One very nice feature is the option, to view the episodes with comments on the historical background. A very usefull feature I think.
So little by little it becomes more clear how my project will look. It will be a street somewhere in the plebeians quaters. Have a look on the following picture of the fishmarket street of Rome. That will give you an idea of the direction how the diorama will look.


Jan 31 2009

Gilles Chaillet

Das Rom der Kaiserzeit

One of my future plans is to built some Roman settings. It should take place in the day’s of Gaius Julius Caesar. I still don’t know what I will built, but probably it will be more than only one set. Im thinking of a crane, a watchtower, parts of a roman villa maybe… or perhaps a thermae.
Research is always part of the fun for me, using the internet, visiting places like the APX Xanten or with some good luck – the Eternal City itself. And of course the good old book. Yesterday I found a nice one.

Das Rom der Kaiserzeit by Gilles Chaillet


This morning I read the first 50 Pages and it’s great. It’s a view on the city through the eyes of the fictional character Flavianus Nicomachus in the year 315. Okay, that’s some hundred years after my diorama timeframe, but I think there are still tons of useful information about daily life in ancient Rome in it. Not to talk about all the great photos and the magnificent drawings and birdview maps. All things considered it’s a fantastic inspiration and it makes me to want to book the next flight to Rome. Thumbs up!