Feb 16 2011

AFD – Honorary Award 2010

This year I won an Honorary Oscar on the German AFD board for my diorama and comic work.
Little Dunedin likes to say thank you.


“It’s a great great honor…
Whoo, Thank you…
Thank you very much…
although it’s maybe to early for
a lifetime achievement award…
I’d like to thank the Academy,
the cast on Memento Mori…
my Mom and Dad…”


“Thank you guys, you’re great!”

see all winners here

Feb 5 2009

Board Oscar 2008 for Johnny

What a nice suprise!
My little project Johnny didn’t Come Back
won the Board Oscar 2008 of the German AFD Forum.


My works Ed Wood and Dr. Van Helsing were under the nominees as well. See all the nominees here.
That was already my second board oscar. In 2007 I won it for my Khmer Temple
Thank you very much.