Jan 3 2011

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 1 Roadmaster Luxury Liner


Here’s my #1. Little Dunedin always wanted an oldtimer. Now he got a vintage bike from the early 50s.
It’s a museum quality limited edition from 1998. The Luxury Liner was the pinnacle of post-war American manufacturing derived from classic Brooks Stevens designs from over 60 years ago.

Jan 2 2011

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 2 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Police Bike
(no brand, made in Taiwan)

Police Bike

I was looking for a good Harley-Davidson police bike for a long time. Now I’ve found this very heavy metal bike on ebay. The uniform is from Hot Toys and the belt from BBI.

Jan 1 2011

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 3 Elephant
(unknown brand)


In the 1/1 world I love to take wildlife pictures. So I’m always looking for some nice animals to inhabit my 1/6 world. I’ve found my little elephant in an German online shop. He will be a part of season 3 as well.
Have a happy new year.

Dec 31 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 4 Myrmillo Gladiator Helmet
(ACI Toys)

Myrmillo Gladiator Helmet

Apart from the Ignite figures there isn’t a lot of Roman 1/6 scale material on the market. So I was glad when ACI Toys announced their bronze Myrmillo Helmet. As far as I know, they made less than 100 pieces of it and I’m happy that I got one. And of course it will show up in the 3rd season of Memento Mori.

Dec 30 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 5 Fork Lift Truck
(Hobby Engine)

Fork Lift Truck

A nice and unusual RC vehicle.

Dec 29 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 6 Abigail Whistler Head
(Hot Toys)


Hot Toys is my favourite manufacturer of action figures. Unfortunately the figures are bloody expensive, so I’m not able to buy all the wonderfull figures, I’d love to own. Sometimes I buy only the head, if I can find it for a good price on ebay, like the Abigail Whistler/Jessica Biel head. I used a Hot Toys Caucasian body for her. I’m not sure about her outfit, I think it’s from Triad Toys. The high heels are from Crazy Owners.

Dec 28 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 7 Honda CBR 929 RR
(New Ray)


I love the New Ray 1:6 motorbikes. Good models to a reasonable price. And little Dunedin has the chance to pose as the leader of the pack. Well, the 1:1 version has not even a driver’s license for motorbikes.

Dec 27 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 8 Eva
(Triad Toys)


Things I like about Eva: the head sculpt, the 3 interchangeable chest plates and her skin, relative good articulation. On the downside I see some shortcomings in the manufacturing and the limbs are a bit to loose. Triad Toys wrote on their website: we are proud to finally present to you the last body you’ll ever need. Well, I don’t know…

Dec 26 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 9 Seamless Body
(Tiger Brothers)

fire plug

When I take pictures of a bikini girl or a nude girl I’m always bothered by the visible joints, especially when the picture’s intention is, to look erotic. Well, very often it reminds me more on Pinocchio. So I was waiting for a seamless body for a long time. Tiger Brothers answered my prayers.
But it gets a little deduction of points. The body comes without head and without hands and feet. So you have to search for some compatible parts. TTL matches, but you have to find the right skin tone as well. And in the worst case it leads to some amputations on other figures. So, dear Tiger Brothers, if you do a release 2, please give her hands and feet.
It’s in the nature of things, that the body isn’t very movable, but the joints are very stiff and in danger to get broken, ‘cause you don’t see them. Furthermore it comes to some ugly deformations of the surface, if you try certain poses. One last thing, that bothers me a little, is the double D aspect. Looks a bit pumped up.

Dec 25 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 10 Fire Plug
(Asia Scale Store)

fire plug

I bought the fire plug on the last 1/6 fair in Duiven. Well, maybe it’s not somthing very special, but as a diorama builder I love such items. It’s a nice addition to my street set. Click on the image for more pictures.