Apr 10 2011

Coca Cola Guitars

At the moment you can find a set of four 1/6th scale guitars on ebay for just around 15,-€
A Gibson Les Paul, a BC Rich Mockingbird, a BC Rich Warlock and a Gibson that looks a bit like a Les Paul Double Cutaway


The guitars are copies of the Resaurus PickUps released in 2000. Yankee from the AFD-board bought a set and gave me the two Gibsons as a present.


I wasn’t happy with the blue-yellow spraying of the Les Paul, so I changed it into a Les Paul Gold-Top. On the right side you can see the original Resaurus guitar for comparison. Coke did some little changes on the guitar, probably to avoid license problems, I guess.


The second guitar has a similarity with the Gibson/Epiphone B.B. King Lucille, but the body is thinner, more like a Les Paul Double Cutaway, but symetric.

The quality does not reach the Resaurus line, but 15 Euro for a set of four is an unbeatable price.

Jan 27 2011


Something new in my little collection of 1/6 scale music instruments. It’s another ebay find.


Jun 13 2010


And as always… The girl on sunday. I found this custom head on ebay. It’s meant to be Alicia Keys. Is there any likeness? I don’t know.


May 30 2010

Bass Babe Betty

Here is the Sunday Girl of this week. I’m not sure about the head. I think it’s fromm TTL. The outfit is from Dollsfigure.


Dec 20 2009

My top Ten Faves 2009

7. Resaurus PickUps Guitar Collection


This year I had some good luck on ebay. I found some more of the 2000 Resaurus PickUps guitar collection. I love especially the Gibsom J-45 and the B.C. Rich Warlock. I’m sure the guys in the 1/6 scale band will love them too.

Jan 22 2009

This is pissing me off!

Yesterday I received a parcel. I was quite surprised, because I didn’t expect anything and the postman wanted to encash 13 Euro for the duty guys. I didn’t believe my eyes, when I saw the senders address: the blacklisted Firebird Arts & Music. You may remember I wrote about that last JULY. I orderered that in March 2008. They shipped it on the 6th of January 2009 and it arrived yesterday !!!!!
That makes 11 month! And as already mentioned, they never replied to any of my mails.
And now the content:

music instruments

The mandolin the banjo and the trombone are nice, but meanwhile, after waiting for ages, I got all this instruments from other sources. The microphone looked good on the website, but it turned out as a piece of rubbish. But the most annoying matter are the bass guitars. On the website they were specified as 1/6 items. But you see it on the picture: they are at least 1/5 scale. Those guys deal a lot with 1/6 stuff, what makes a mistake like this more than only unacceptable. This company really sucks.
They will stay on my personal blacklist forever!

music instruments

Dec 4 2008

Rickenbacker Bass

Here is a Rickenbacker Bass. It is a resin recast. If you don’t get too close it looks okay, I think (from a certain angle, in a certain light). In the background you see a Gibson SG. It’s a little bit too small and unfortunately I found no way, to put some strings on it. I think I will place it in the background of the music store.


Nov 19 2008


Good Luck! I was able to find one more of the guitars from the Resaurus PickUps Line.
I found it at Toysmack.com


This one is from the Gibson/Epiphone Signiture Series, the famous B.B. King “Lucille” in Ebony finish.

Oct 31 2008


Here is one more classical music instrument. In fact one of the oldest known instruments. The harp is a bit smaller than a big concert harp, but harps come in different sizes and so it works pretty well, I think.
Again it’s an ebay find in the United States.


Oct 30 2008

Some New Guitars

Recently I found some 1/6 guitars on ebay.


The first one it the Ace Frehley Les Paul in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. It’s from the Resaurus PickUps line (2000) Would be great to find the Epiphone B.B. King Lucille, the B.C. Rich Mockingbird and Warlock and the Gibson J-45 from that line. So if you see those guitars somewhere, let me know.
The second guitar looks like a Gibson ES355. The third one looks like the John Lennon Rickenbacker 325. For this one I will do the Rickenbacker logo on the headstock. And the last one looks like a Fender Telecaster.