Jan 10 2012


Here are some pictures of the new gladiators.


Jan 9 2012

Top Ten 2011 – #1: Celadus & Astacius

And the winner is…


You know that ancient Rome is one of my main topics, So, it’s no surprise that the winners are the new awesome gladiators, Celadus a Thraex and Astacius a Retiarius made by Kaustic Plastik. The two figures are truely outstanding and Kaustic Plastik is on the best way to become my favorite company. They are located in Rome and that’s the best place for working on historically accurate figures and they focus on ancient figures!!! A new Roman legionnaire will come soon and they have plans to bring us more marvelous Romans. I can’t wait to see the Secutor. One more remarkable thing about Kaustic Plastik is, that they keep in touch with their customers. For example you can find them on the OSW Board, where they answer questions of their customers.


They planed to do a Murmillo first, but when ACI announced Flamma, Kaustic Plastik changed plans and produced a Thraex, what redounds to the customer’s advantage, getting now three classes of gladiators. Big compliment! For me Kaustic Plastik is the company of the year and one of the hottest rockets on the market.


Jan 7 2012

Top Ten 2011 – #3: Gladiator Flamma

This year I bought only a few figures. The gladiator Flamma from ACI is one of them. I like the head sculpt and the muscle body, what a great texture! He comes with some nice gear as well. The only drawbacks: The helmet is made of plastic and the body is a bit inflexible. But anyway, for me as a Rome fan this figure was a must have.


Apr 2 2011

The Terminator

I used the factory set for some Terminator pictures as well. The first series is with the McFarlane Terminator.
I used a blue filter foil and my fog machine for the shooting.


The second series was done with a custom figure. Again I used the fog machine and some orange filter in order to create the atmosphere of the steelwork in the last scene of the movie.


Apr 2 2011

Jack is Back

Yesterday I took some pictures of Jack Bauer (Enterbay) in the factory set.
Jack has to fight a bunch of terrorists to rescue a hostage. Click on the picture for the whole photo series.


Apr 4 2010

Aiko and a strange little guy

Did you ever ask yourself, why Aiko is so damn pissed off?


maybe because there’s a strange little guy sitting next to her.

Mr. Bean

Aiko by ACI, Mr. Bean by Enterbay

Mar 9 2010

The Great Escape

Steve McQueen

Here is one of my older figures. Steve McQueen as Capt. Hilts “The Cooler King” in The Great Escape from 21st Century Toys. I will barter Steve for some praetorians. So before he goes on his journey tomorrow I took some farewell pictures

Dec 22 2009

Auxilia horseman

A little update to the legions of Rome. Here is an auxilia horseman from Germania. I bought the body in Duiven. The outfit comes from Ignite.

auxilia horseman

Apr 11 2009

Hall of Fame – Update

I did a little update on my Hall of Fame picture and photoshoped 33 new characters into the image.
Click on the picture for the giant sized image.
Have fun, scolling around.

hall of fame

Apr 8 2009

Captain Dallas

As promised here are the first new figures picures. With a look on the cost, I thought one figure will do it. After playing yesterday with Dallas, the Alien egg from his base and my Mc Farlane facehuggers, I think, I need Kane as well.