Sep 28 2008


Morgan Freeman as Detective Lt. William Sommerset

Yesterday I did a quick table and a second bookshelf. I printed some more bookcovers and everything was ready for a little library scene. For the street scene I places the walls in front of the victorian diorama. I used some fog and a minispot for the ambiance.
The head sculpt is from Ada again.

Detective Sommerset

Sep 24 2008

Behind The Curtains

Ten days left and then it’s Actionfigurado time again. This time Conzuela Delgado will be there with her camera operator Steve Miller. Conny will report for you from the event and will bring you pictures and interviews from the scene. This will be her first feature for the channel 5 production “Behind The Curtains”.

The characters and the “Behind The Curtains” show take part in my new comic project. Click on the image for a little teaser.

behind the curtains

Sep 19 2008

It’s a chopper, Baby

Last Tuesday on the way to my Spanish course i found this two bikes in a model-shop. I couldn’t resist.
The bikes are from Joy Ride, based on the Discovery Channel serial “American Chopper”. The bikes come with some nice sound and light effects.
So yesterday eve I dressed up two guys in a leather outfit and improvised a background for some pics.
I can’t help myself, one of the guys looks a little bit gay, doesn’t he?


Sep 17 2008


At the moment I got a lot of work in my job to do. Really, I’ve got more to handle than a one-armed bass player. So unfortunately there’s no time to play with dolls or building figures and little worlds. I think in two weeks it will look better.
But anyway, last weekend I spend a very rainy day in Amsterdam. The fleamarket was nice, but not as good as I expected. No finds at all. In an souvenier shop I bought two fridge magnets – little framed paintings of a Van Gogh selfportrait and Rembrandts “Nightwatch”. I also bought a little dutch plate in a good 1/6 size. On sunday I went to the rag-fair in my town. I found two sharpeners. A cash register and a gramophone. Maybe they are a little bit too small, but I think, they will work well in the background.

cash register

Sep 10 2008


Here’s a picture of the lyra. It’s again from the 9 piece ebay set (see strings). I will use it in my upcoming roman project.


Sep 7 2008

Ed Wood Update

You might remember, two month ago I published some pictures about the Tim Burton movie “Ed Wood” starring Johnny Depp as Ed Wood. Ed was shooting his movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” in my cemetery diorama.
Now I did a little update, dealing with Ed’s obsession for angora sweater.

ed wood

Sep 7 2008

Barbie & Fashion Dolls Convention

Yesterday I went to the Barbie & Fashion Dolls Convention in Mönchengladbach. Yes folks “No fear of contact” There’s a lot of stuff, that can be used for both worlds. And when it comes to the bottom line, an actionfigure is still a doll. ;-)


I bought some Re-Ment food and office sets from Klaus. You never can have enough of this stuff. And I found a wig and an angora sweater for Ed Woods obsession and some nice other clothes as well. And of course it was fun, meeting Amithi, Iris, Claudia and Klaus.

Here is an set image from Amithi’s new Story “The Abyss”.
Strictly recommended!

the abyss

Sep 7 2008

Smaller Scales

I’m collecting action figures for almost 20 years now. I started with small scales. Star Wars (Kenner), Star Trek (Playmetes), Movie Maniacs (Mc Farlane) etc. Then one day I was infected by the 1/6 virus and meanwhile I focus on that scale. But I still have tons of smaller scale figures, still waiting for their pictures. For most of them I have to built a matching backdrop first. But there are more important projects, so they have to wait. For some pictures it’s more easy, especially when you need only a black background and some little ams. I’m talking about music figures.
I set up the new “Smaller Scales” category, where I will post some images of smaller figures from time to time. And here is the first one:

Joey Ramone
It’s a 7 inch figure produced by NECA

joey ramone

Sep 5 2008


I did some little improvements on the action-figure homepage. Now you will find more thumbnails on the collection page. I hope, that it’s now a little bit easier to find a certain character or a certain image. I also wrote, how many pictures you have to expect behind each thumbnail. I hope to find the time someday to work on a complete redesign with a better usability.


Sep 5 2008

What’s Cooking?

A few days ago I went out and forgot to take a lighter with me. So I went into a tobacco shop to buy one. There I found this little pressure cooker lighter. I think, It’s a nice scale match.

pressure cooker