Oct 12 2008

The Godfather

Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone

I found that head on ebay in Hongkong. In an odd shop I found the little cat. For the scene I rearranged some of the furniture and props in the Old Fashioned Room Diorama. I also built a (quick and dirty) writing table and some blinds for the window, using black wrap. I wanted to match the mood of the opening scene. (that golden light of Gorden Willis camera work) I used some orange filters and in some images a little bit fog as well, to make the air more heavy.

Don Corleone

Oct 10 2008

New Comic – Work In Progress

Yesterday I finished my script for the “Behind the Curtains” comic. On Sunday I will get the last missing props for the scene from Klaus I hope, I can start shooting next week. So with good luck the story can be online next weekend.

Dunedin writing

Oct 8 2008

New Precision Bass

I found this Precision bass on ebay. It’s a little bit smaller than the Precision bass from SD-Toys Fender Collection, but it works well I think. I love all the little stickers on the body.

precision bass

Oct 5 2008

Actionfigurado October 08

As always it was nice to meet the usual suspects. And as always I was able to waste a lot of money for the hobby. Got a Centurio for the Roman project, some bodies, a tipewriter and fancy high heels and other usefull things from Klaus at Mini-Lifestyle
In my opinion there was a little bit too much of WW II. A line of Tom Traubert’s Blues came into my mind “I’m tired of all this soldiers here…” But anyway there was a diorama from this dark period of history that was really well done.

dio duiven

And it’s always great to see some figures apart from the beaten tracks, like this guy:


I posted some more pictures on the AFD-Board

Oct 3 2008

Lemmy Kilmister

Time for another small scale figure. This is Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead. It’s a 6 Inch figure made by LocoApe.