Dec 31 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Entering the top ten with the places 10 – 6.

10. Alfred Hitchcock – “Psycho Clapper Board”


this picture is based on a PR picture of Alfred Hitchcock. The text on the clapper board was done in postproduction. It was part of the original promotion photo. I took the picture in the office of the “Old Fashioned Room” set.

9. Quint – Jaws -”Little White Shark”


One more picture of Quint on the beach. The sky was exchanged in postproduction, of course. The new sky gives a dramatic look to the scene.

8. Ed Wood -”Angora Sweater”


This picture was inspired by the Ed Wood movie poster. The angora sweater was colored in postproduction. Good match of the mood I think.

7. Ray


This was a sidekick of the Quint pier shooting. Its a Schleich animal. Doesn’t it look like a real ray? The shells in the picture are real little shells. The starfishes are made from Fimo

6. Ed Wood – “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

ed wood

One more Ed Wood picture, shot on the cemetery location. I like the use of the Bela Lugosi Dracula figure as Dr. Tom, pretending to be Bela Lugosi ;-)

Dec 30 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

And here are my fave pics 15 – 11.

15. Frankenstein Monster


A picture of Sideshows first 12 inch figure ever. I like the contrast between the dark foreground with the grave hole and the outshine in the center. And of course Mr. Karloff with the skull in his “to be or not to be” pose. The sepia brown tonality brings the look of an old silent movie.

14. Joe’s Garage

joe's garage

An image of the Joe’s Garage diorama with my MiniMe, eating some Re-Ment donuts. I love all the details in this picture and also the paper walls with the printed texture are looking good.

13. David Dunn – Unbreakable

David Dunn

David Dunn (Bruce Willis) in the Night. In the background you see the shop wall and the phone booth. The picture is illuminated by a single mini spot. I like the mystery ambience with the hidden eyes.

12. Quint – Jaws – “Dinghy”


It was a lot of fun, building this scene. I used the riverbed with real water, a lot of sand, a balsa wood pier, an Amity Island billboard and parts of the “street” and “temple” diorama to built it.

11. Dr. Van Helsing – “Cemetery”

van Helsing

Another picture taken in the “cemetery” diorama. I like the composition with the angel in the foreground and the illumination only with the lantern and no additional lights.

Dec 29 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Over the year I took tons of pictures. On the weekend I did a little review and listed my favourite images of the year. I thought another countdown would be nice for this. So, here are the places 20 – 16. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

20. Johnny didn’t Come Back


Sometimes I’m tired of the multitude of military figures and kitbashes. And I’m not a fan of soldiers in heoric poses. War is about agony and death. That brought me to this little concept work, showing a decayed GI in the jungle. I wanted, that the props – the rusty pistole and his wallet with a girl’s picture – tell a story. for the scene I created a little jungle location with a crashed helicopter in the trees. The skeleton is a repainted “Glow-In-The-Dark” skeleton.

19. The Cornet Player


A very simple image, but I love it anyway. I like the light reflexes and blooming on the cornet and also the facial expression of the musician. The picture reminds me on a Jazz musician and my visits on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

18. Robert Mitchum – Film Noir

film noir

The series with my Robert Mitchum figure takes place in the “Old Fashioned Room” diorama. Outside I placed a poster with the skyline of New York. In order to get the desired Film noir ambience, I used a low key illumination and worked with hard contrast. The main light comes from outside the window and some mini spots lighten Mitchums face and the table. I like the shadows on his face and the details on the table.

17. Aragorn & Brego


This is an image of the Sideshow figure Aragorn on a DID horse. It was shot in the “riverbed”. I blowed a lot of fog into the background. That makes a nice spooky forest. And I think there is a little illusion of motion in it.

16. Keith Richards

Keith Richards

I like the blue back light here. And the air is full of cigarette smoke. Only Charlie Watts in the background is much too young.

Dec 29 2008

My Top 5 Customs 2008

This year I worked on 25 celebrity figures, mostly movie heroes and some music figures as well. Not to name a lot of extras and the kitbashes for the upcoming comic adventure. Here is my top 5 list of this year.

5. Elijah Price – Unbreakable

Elijah Price

It wasn’t easy to pick up a #5, but in the end Elijah Price alias Samuel L. Jackson made the race. I picked up the resin head on ebay US. I think it has a good likeness. For the set I used my street diorama and the garage walls in the background. Behind Elijah you can see David Dunn (Bruce Willis) following him and my MiniMe doin’ a cameo. ;-)

4. Don Vito Corleone – The Godfather

Don Vito Corleone

I was thinking of a Don Corleone/Marlon Brando figure for a long time, so I was glad, when I found this head on ebay Hongkong. The pictures of the opening scene were taken in the “Old Fashioned Room” set. I love the little cat.

3. Professor Henry Jones – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Henry Jones

This is my version of the Sean Connery character. The resin head is again an ebay find. The head looks good I think, but it is made out of one piece, I would have liked a head with a removeble hat, but for now it’s okay. Well, the movie doesn’t take place in Cambodia, but this diorama is such a lovely place for archaeologists, so I couldn’t resist and took these images inside of my Khmer temple. See the silhouette of Indie Jr. in the background.

2. Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

The head is my second Chan Ada commission and it’s really awesome. The location for the pictures was again the “Old Fashioned Room” set.

1. My MiniMe


And number 1 is of course my MiniMe. With this head a dream came true. The head was my first Ada commission. I took my first pictures of him in the travellers outfit and used the Khmer temple as location so the pictures celebrate my 2003 world tour as well.

Dec 28 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

1. Alien – Captain Dallas

And here is my number 1 of this years toy countdown. Again it’s a Hot Toys production. Captain Dallas from the first Alien movie.

Captain Dallas

Why is this my number1? Simply for that: I love space suits. And a figure in a space suit is really something extraordinary. I haven’t bought the figure yet, because it is – like all Hot Toys figures – bloody expensive. This figure would look marvelous in a diorama.
Tomorrow I will post the Top 5 of my this years customs/kitbashes.

Dec 27 2008


A couple of days ago I played around with some odds and ends and I was thinking about the character Jack Palmer. I mentioned him when I introduced Mike Emerson. So here is the result:


Some more pictures (then not mummed) and a little profile of Jack will follow soon.

Dec 27 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

2. She Predator Machiko

This is my number 2, the Hot Toys figure “She Predator Machiko”.


Yes I know, this figure looks like every nerds wet dream. So what? I like her. Great figure, great body, great head sculpt (reminds me a bit on Angelina Jolie), great accessories. The figure is the first one of the new Hot Toys “Hot Angels” series and I’m curious about the next one.

Dec 26 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

3. Subject 1025: The Babysitter

Now we are in the Top 3 and number 3 goes again to Sideshow (I swear, the guys at Sideshow don’t pay me anything for this) Here we have from “The Dead” line “Subject 1025:The Babysitter”


Sideshow created with “The Dead” a nice original concept line. Everybody loves Zombies, because they are so cute and the Babysitter is the cutest.

Dec 24 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

4. Gandalf the Grey

And again “The Lord of the Rings” and again Sideshow. My number 4 goes to Gandalf the Grey.


This is an awesome head sculpt and a great figure. Please Sideshow, don’t stop it! Give us more. I would love to see the whole fellowship, some female characters and some Orcs as well.

Have a merry christmas!
btw, Gandalf would make a good Santa, wouldn’t he? ;-)

Dec 23 2008

Supporting Cast: Joe Pushkin


I’d like to introduce some of the supporting characters, who were mentioned in the musicians profiles. We know life is a sixpack and so people are connected in different ways. I don’t know, who of the guys will make it into the band, and so I can’t tell, how big or small the part of a supporting role will be. We will see.
Joe Pushkin is the owner of Joe’s Garage. Willy spends a lot of time there, screwing on his bike. And Olaf as a biker, will be around in Joe’s Garage sometimes as well. And of course Joe will be a guest in the tavern of Carlos.
We see, Joe is linked to three of the possible main characters. That gives him a good chance to appear in the story. At the moment he’s just a mug and I haven’t worked out any ideas on his character. Ideas are always welcome.


Ich möchte gerne ein paar Nebenfiguren vorstellen, die in den Musikerprofilen Erwähnung fanden. Wir wissen, das Leben ist ein Sixpack und Menschen sind auf unterschiedliche Weise miteinander verbunden. Ich weiß nicht, wer es von den Jungs in die Band schaffen wird und demzufolge auch nicht, wie groß oder klein die Rolle eines Nebendarstellers ausfallen wird.
Joe Pushkin ist der Besitzer von Joe’s Garage Willy verbringt dort eine Menge Zeit, um an seinem Bike herumzuschrauben. Und Olaf wird als Biker sicherlich auch gelegentlich in Joe’s Garage auftauchen. Und natürlich ist Joe ein Gast in Carlos Taverne.
Wir sehen also, Joe ist mit dreien der potentiellen Hauptfiguren verbunden. Das gibt ihm eine gute Chance, in der Geschichte aufzutauchen. Im Moment ist er nur eine Visage und ich hab noch nichts zu seinem Charakter ausgearbeitet. Ideen sind immer willkommen.