Jan 31 2009

Gilles Chaillet

Das Rom der Kaiserzeit

One of my future plans is to built some Roman settings. It should take place in the day’s of Gaius Julius Caesar. I still don’t know what I will built, but probably it will be more than only one set. Im thinking of a crane, a watchtower, parts of a roman villa maybe… or perhaps a thermae.
Research is always part of the fun for me, using the internet, visiting places like the APX Xanten or with some good luck – the Eternal City itself. And of course the good old book. Yesterday I found a nice one.

Das Rom der Kaiserzeit by Gilles Chaillet


This morning I read the first 50 Pages and it’s great. It’s a view on the city through the eyes of the fictional character Flavianus Nicomachus in the year 315. Okay, that’s some hundred years after my diorama timeframe, but I think there are still tons of useful information about daily life in ancient Rome in it. Not to talk about all the great photos and the magnificent drawings and birdview maps. All things considered it’s a fantastic inspiration and it makes me to want to book the next flight to Rome. Thumbs up!


Jan 30 2009

What’s next?

Thanks God, it’s Friday eve. At the moment I got a lot of work to do in my job. So there are only the weekends left for the hobby. Today I like to draw out a little schedule of upcoming projects. This weekend I will close the voting. And I hope to be able to show the first results in a little “Behind the Curtains” comic. I will complete this comic little by little over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I will start shooting it.
I will also take some Lord of the Rings pictures with my new Sideshow figures. For that setting my forest decoration will be placed on the display table for some weeks.
The plan for the next weekend is to spend some hours working on my Fat Man Suit. Stay tuned for that one :-)
In the diorama section there will be two small projects next. The first one is a set of photo textured backdrops, showing concrete walls. Of course I will built some additional details like tubes, a metal staircase, doors etc. This material can then be used in different variations for industrial environments, tunnel or bunker locations.

concrete backdrop

A follow-up will be a little prision cell. This will be the location for a little customs line. I call it “The Prisoners”. It will show some famous movie and television prisoners. Have a look on the 120 head sculpts and you can figure out who’ll be sentenced to sit in that jail.
The next giant diorama project will be a roman set. (It’s not the colosseum ;-) ) Tomorrow I will drop some lines about the research for that project and I will introduce a book, that I bought today.

Jan 25 2009

A Falcon for Olaf

We know that Olaf is a Science Fiction geek and a great Star Wars fan. Yesterday he got a little present: A model of the Millennium Falcon.

millennium falcon

The model is from the new DeAgostini Star Wars spaceships and vehicles edition. This was the first issue of this collecting magazine. As normal the first one is at a lower price. In that case 4,99 €. The next issues will be available for 12,99 €. In my opinion that’s too much. And for now I’m happy with the Millennium Falcon. That was always my favourite spaceship in the saga. But maybe, if there is something very very nice in the collection, every now and then Olaf will get some more spaceships or vehicles. We will see.

Jan 22 2009

This is pissing me off!

Yesterday I received a parcel. I was quite surprised, because I didn’t expect anything and the postman wanted to encash 13 Euro for the duty guys. I didn’t believe my eyes, when I saw the senders address: the blacklisted Firebird Arts & Music. You may remember I wrote about that last JULY. I orderered that in March 2008. They shipped it on the 6th of January 2009 and it arrived yesterday !!!!!
That makes 11 month! And as already mentioned, they never replied to any of my mails.
And now the content:

music instruments

The mandolin the banjo and the trombone are nice, but meanwhile, after waiting for ages, I got all this instruments from other sources. The microphone looked good on the website, but it turned out as a piece of rubbish. But the most annoying matter are the bass guitars. On the website they were specified as 1/6 items. But you see it on the picture: they are at least 1/5 scale. Those guys deal a lot with 1/6 stuff, what makes a mistake like this more than only unacceptable. This company really sucks.
They will stay on my personal blacklist forever!

music instruments

Jan 19 2009

The Piano Has Been Drinking

Tom Waits

Tom Waits is my favourite songwriter. For that reason I commisioned his head from Ada For the pictures I used two copies. On one I ground the hair and placed the Robert Blake cap on it. For the shooting some of my figures from the band project had the honor to be on stage with Mr. Waits.

Tom Waits

Jan 15 2009

Thanks Folks…


…for your participation. The voting will be online till the end of January.
If you haven’t been there, check it out now: BANDGENERATOR

Jan 10 2009

Welcome to the Show

Finally my little voting tool for the band comic – the interactive Bandgenerator is online. So pump up the volume! You will decide, who will make it into the band. It takes only a few minutes and it’s fun, promised! ;-) And if you like it, advertise it a bit on your boards. Thank you very much


Endlich ist mein kleines Votingtool für den Band Comic – the interactive Bandgenerator online. So pump up the volume! Ihr entscheidet, wer in die Band kommt, es dauert nur ein paar Minuten und es macht Spass, versprochen! ;-) Und wenn es euch gefällt, macht ein bisschen Werbung in eueren Foren dafür. Vielen Dank

Jan 9 2009


Apart from music all the introduced characters are connected to different topics, some possible locations and some other characters as well. Here are some catchwords for the nominees. The voting will determine who and what will be in the story. And the combination of charakters in the band will create it’s own story of course.


I hope this little list is a helpfull instrument for your vote.

Job: clerk in a music store.
Topics: philosophy. his relationship to Jennifer, endless discussions
People: Jennifer, customers in the store, musicians
Locations: Music Store.
Job: son (baker)
Topics: a nerd’s life, mishap with the ladies, his daydreams – Olaf as a SF-hero, chat with “Leia”
People: his brother Trols, his mother, Leia, Willi, Joe, Carlos
Locations: mothers house, a geeks room, bakery, Joe’s Garage, Carlos Tavern
Job: salesman for a wine company
Topics: his family situation. bikes, alcohol., barfly-stories, meetings with customers
People: Jennifer, his ex-wife, his son, Olaf, Joe, Carlos
Locations: Joe’s Garage, Carlos Tavern
Job: digital media designer
Topics: womanizing stories, sex, his Novel (about timetravel) as a story in the story, advertising, internet
People: Dunedin, ex-girlfriend
Locations: attic apartment
Job: unemployed
Topics: politics, drugs, crime, the flat share life
People: Jack, Mike, Adriel, other roommates
Locations: flat share
Job: pizza delivery guy
Topics: drugs, the effect of hallucinogens
People: Alexandra, his Customers, Jimmy, Carlos
Location: Weedfarm, Carlos Tavern
Job: composer,guest conductor
Topics: art, movies
People: people from the telecision/movie business, his girlfriend June
Location: designer flat
Job: barkeeper
Topics: Barfly stories, flashback to his roadie days
People: Joe, Willy, Olaf, Alexandra, customers in his bar, Frank Zappa,
Locations: Carlos Tavern, Joe’s Garage
Job: unknown
Topics: mystery stories, the rumors – people telling stories about his past (shown in flashbacks)
People: Carlos, strange strangers
Locations: Carlos Tavern
Job: carpenter
Topics: politics
People: Jack, Jimmy, customers of the warehouse
Locations: Emerson & Palmer Warehouse

Jan 8 2009

Six Degrees of Separation

I will launch my little voting tool on Saturday. Here is a picture of the current cast – the ten nominees and the supporting characters. On the picture you see three new figures. Alexandra Walker, (the Martha Jones figure) girlfriend of Adriel Jackson and waitress in Carlos Tavern. June Wong is the girlfriend of Fāng Yǒng. And Trols Gustavson is the brother of Olaf Gustavson


I drew a little chart of the relationships in the cast to show how the characters are connected with each other.


Mat is married to Jennifer. He know most of the other musicians through his job in the music store.

Olaf has a brother named Trols Olaf is a friend of Willy and through this friendship he knows Joe and Carlos

Willy is a friend of Olaf and Joe They visit the tavern of Carlos very often

Martin is a friend and co-worker of Dunedin. Trols is one of their customers

Jimmy is a roommate and friend of Jack. Through Jack he knows Mike Jimmy and Adriel have a weed connection

Adriel has a girlfriend named Alexandra He sells his homegrown weed to Jimmy

Yǒng lives with his girlfriend June

Carlos is a friend of Joe. He knows Olaf and Willy. Alexandra works as a waitress in his tavern. Some of the other guys are visitors of his bar.

Angus visits Carlos tavern from time to time.

Mike is the businesspartner of Jack. He knows Jimmy.

Jan 7 2009

Supporting Cast: Jack Palmer


And another mug from the supporting cast. Jack Palmer is the businesspartner of Mike Emerson They run the Emerson & Palmer Warehouse. Jack is a housemate in Jimmy Frost’s flat share. They know each other from their squatter days. Jack lost an eye in a streetfight some years ago. For that he’s known as “One Eyed Jack”


Und noch ne Visage aus den Nebenrollen. Jack Palmer ist der Geschäftspartner von Mike Emerson Gemeinsam betreiben sie das Emerson & Palmer Lagerhaus. Jack ist ein Mitbewohner in Jimmy Frost’s Wihngemeinschaft. Sie kennen sich aus ihren Hausbesetzer Tagen. Jeck verlor vor einigen Jahren ein Auge im Straßenkampf. Deshalb ist er auch bekannt als “One Eyed Jack”