Feb 27 2009

The Fellowship

Here are some pictures the fellowship of the Ring or better, the fellowship of the Ring so far. The Toy Biz Gimli filled a gap, but two hobbits are still missing. Will they ever come? Sideshow…please!!!


Feb 24 2009

Gandalf the Grey

Here are some pictures of my latest Sideshow Lord of the Rings figure. It’s a great head sculpt with a good likeness of Ian McKellen.


Feb 22 2009

Another Hairy Little Guy

Here is the third part of my little Lord of the Rings shooting, starring Gimli from Toy Biz. This was one of the better Toy Biz head sculpts. For the first pictures I used some of my temple walls in the background. Then we see Gimli with his buddy Legolas on a DID horse and a little attack by a custom Orc.


Feb 21 2009

HBO – Rome


A couple of days ago I bought the HBO show Rome and as an addition the book about the show. Both are good sources for my upcoming Rome diorama project. There are a lot of great reference pictures of locations, props and costumes. I really like the show, even though it reminds me sometimes on an ancient version of that Dynasty Denver clan. On the DVDs are some good extras as well, but I haven’t seen them all yet. One very nice feature is the option, to view the episodes with comments on the historical background. A very usefull feature I think.
So little by little it becomes more clear how my project will look. It will be a street somewhere in the plebeians quaters. Have a look on the following picture of the fishmarket street of Rome. That will give you an idea of the direction how the diorama will look.


Feb 19 2009

Frodo & Sam

Here comes the second part of my little Lord of the Rings update. The Sideshow figures Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. Hey Sideshow, please complete the fellowship!

Frodo and Sam

Feb 16 2009

Hobbit Time

After a busy time with the Behind the Curtains comic I take a little break from the comic stuff, before I start working on the first episode and the sets for it. The next little diorama project will start in a couple of weeks, but first there are some figures on my wishlist, before I start spending money for new diorama material. And I’m running out of bodies. So, no customs at the moment. But in a few weeks it’s Actionfigurado in Duiven and I hope I’ll get some cheap bodies there.

So what to do? There are still some new figures that I haven’t portrait yet. So the next few updates here will be about my sixthscale Lord of the Rings figures. The first one is:

Bilbo Baggins


I’m still waiting, that sideshow will continue their LotR serial, but there isn’t much hope for it. Toy Biz brought us some 1/6 figures as well a couple of years ago. Most of the figures didn’t have any likeness with the movie characters, but some were okay or at least acceptable. One of those figures was Bilbo Baggins. And here he is on his way through a forest not far away from the shire.


Feb 13 2009

Here We Go!


The English Version of the comic is now available.

Feb 13 2009

On Drums: Jimmy Frost

So, it’s done the last german pages are online now. At the moment I’m working on the english version. There are only four pages left. So it probably will go online tomorrow, or with some good luck already tonight.
As always, here are some links to the latest stills. Willy Davenport selling wine, with his bike and on stage. Joe Pushkin in Joe’s garage. And Jimmy Frost playing a Clash song. For the last pages about Jimmy click on the picture.


At the end it was really a nip-and-tuck race between Jimmy. Willy and Adriel. If you like to, have a look on the voting statistics.

Feb 12 2009

Willy “Guitar” Davenport

First again some stills. Here is Pizza dude and weed smoker Adriel Jackson. Two new pages are online with the feature on William Davenport and his interview. Click on the picture to go to the update.


btw, I started already to work on the english version. It will be online on the weekend.

Feb 12 2009

On the Bass: Mr. Adriel Jackson

Here are again some stills from our yesterday hero Matthew Doyle.
On the bass we find Adriel Jackson. That is my favourite litte chapter of the story. Click on the image for the new pages.