Apr 25 2009

Chacha Asai

I just saw this on Desmond’s blog A new Hot Toys female 1/6 scale figure. Isn’t that a marvelous head sculpt?


Apr 25 2009

Intermodellbau 2009

Yesterday I visited the Intermodellbau 2009 in Dortmund. This is Europes largest exhibition for model-making and model sport. There wasn’t a big difference between this year and the last years. But anyway, I found some Alien eggs for only one Euro and I bought some books about the Roman army. And I found some bodies for new customs as well. Here are two little pictures I took for inspiration for a medieval project.



Apr 22 2009


I have to confess, I love american classic cars. So I couldn’t resist, when I saw this dashboards. There are a lot of working parts on it. You can switch on the light, open the glove box and there is also a little ignition key. The first one is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. And the second one a Mustang Shelby G.T. 350


I have an 1:12 Bel Air, so maybe I can fake something with the help of Photoshop. And it will look good in Joe’s Garage as well. With a little work on a windshield I can use the Mustang dashboard in some Bullit custom pictures.

Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light

Apr 18 2009

Broken Amphoras

At the moment I got a lot of work to do in my job. So there’s only a little time left for the hobby.
Anyway, here is a little props update for the Subura project. Some broken amphoras from a pet shop. They are meant to be aquarium decoration.


Apr 11 2009

Hall of Fame – Update

I did a little update on my Hall of Fame picture and photoshoped 33 new characters into the image.
Click on the picture for the giant sized image.
Have fun, scolling around.

hall of fame

Apr 8 2009

Captain Dallas

As promised here are the first new figures picures. With a look on the cost, I thought one figure will do it. After playing yesterday with Dallas, the Alien egg from his base and my Mc Farlane facehuggers, I think, I need Kane as well.


Apr 7 2009

Yellow Submarine

Here are some more pictures from the small scales toy archive. In 1999 Mc Farlane released The Beatles figures from the 1968 animation movie Yellow Submarine.


Apr 6 2009

Don’t Dream It…

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
If there ever was a true cult movie, it is the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Vital Toys brought us Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Columbia and Riff Raff a couple of years ago. The scale was approximately 1/8.

Rocky Horror

If I remember right, there were plans for a second run, containing Brad Majors, Janet Weiss and Rocky. I once saw pictures of the prototypes in a toy magazine, but, for what reason ever, they were never released.

Put your hands on your hips…

Apr 5 2009

Dallas & Machiko

Yesterday I visited Claudia and Klaus. It was a nice evening with a fantastic italian meal. And I picked up the two Hot Toys figures, that Klaus ordered for me – Dallas and Machiko. And I took one more Ignite soldier. So my Roman legion got a signifer now. I wil take pictures soon.

hot toys

Apr 1 2009

Wendy, I’m Home…

A couple of days ago I received a pack from China In it the “The Screaming” figure, from the in Hong Kong based toy company [I]Subway[/I]. As you all know this is good ole Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in the Stanley Kubrick classic masterpiece “The Shining” from 1980.

I love that figure.
The clothes fit very well.
It got moveble fingers ,
comes with an axe,
a t-shirt with a tipewriter and the “All Wor…k” sentence on it.
and a second head.
The guys at Subway did an awesome job on the skin texture, . That makes him look so real.

Here is the first Scene. Of course I didn’t built the Overlook Hotel. I simply put some of my existing props and walls in the background. Click on the images for more pictures.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…


Scene 2: For this I built a little door from balsa wood. And Jack got the pleasure, to hack it with his axe. Here we see the second head with some blood on the forehead and the famous gaze from the corner of his eyes. (Wouldn’t it be a dream, to get A Wendy – Shelley Duvall Figure next (Subway pleaaase!)

Heeeere’s Johnny!


For the last scene I made a little hedge with some plant mats, some snow spray, that was left from x-mas and some flour for the ground snow. Unfortunately my fog machine went on strike whiile I was shooting the scene. With more fog It would have looked much better I think. Hope I can fix the machine.