Jul 25 2009

Home of the Draper

The next building is a cheap styrofoam house. I used wallpapers to cover it and give it a stony look. For the banister and the bridge I used balsa wood. The inspiration for the building was found in the APX Xanten and in HBOs Rome

drapers house

Between the pillars a draper will have his tables.

Jul 25 2009

The Minerva House

Here is the next paintjob. I call it “The Minerva house”. I found the Minerva head in Rome. The oblation are mostly made from fimo. Some of the older fruits are already rotten.

minerva house

Jul 11 2009

Ancient Graffiti

Here is the painted version of the forica. The source for all the graffiti was the book “Decius war hier” (Decius was here) by Karl Wilhelm Weeber. Thanks again to Amithi That was a very very useful hint.


Jul 9 2009

First Paintjob

Phase II has started now. Here is the first paintjob:


First I painted a black grounding, then I took brown for the gaps and a dark grey for the stones. After this I drybrushed the stones in a light grey. And finally one more run on the gaps. This time I strew some sand into the wet paint.

Jul 4 2009


The last building is a temple dedicated to Jupiter and Minerva. It’s a Styrofoam construction coated with Heki-Dur. In the final layout I will change the position of the temple. It will be located on the other end of the road.


Most of the construction work is done now and I will start painting. That means, I have to disjoint all the elements. Painting will take up to six or maybe eight weeks, I guess. So it will last a while, till I can show the next pictures of the project. I hope I will find the time to introduce some new figures in that break.

Jul 4 2009


The inspiration for the building came again from HBOs Rome. In my original concept I wanted to close one of the arcades, but I would loose a very nice perspective, so I decided to let it open.
Have a look on the new building by clicking on the picture.