Aug 28 2009

Workroom of a Lupa

And here is a “workroom” in the Lupanarium:


The rooms were often very small, just the space for a brick bed…
The Lupa is wearing a vesture made out of silk from the island Kos. That silk was gauzy and famous for showing more than hiding

Aug 28 2009


Here is the next location.


I found the mural painting of the three Graces on the internet.The flowers were already used in my jungle works.
The “Occupata” signs are on the wall, what means, all lupas are busy. So the young legionnaire has to wait…
the fountain isn’t finished yet. The water is simulated with modelwater and glue
The floor is based on pictures I took in Ostia Antica. I did a draft in photoshop and printed it at
I bought the little vase in Rome. The Venus was a cheap ebay find
The fresco is behind a curtain now. i think it’s too noble for such a location.
So, as you see in the Caesar pics, I can use that roon twice.

Aug 28 2009

Marcus Gavius

Here is my Centurio Marcus Gavius. Again I didn’t like the original Ignite head, so he got the Moore/Mel Gibson head.

Marcus Gavius

Aug 25 2009

Aulus Verginius

here is my next character: the tribune Aulus Verginius, son of an old patrician tribe. It is mainly the Ignite Tribune, but I didn’t like the head, so I changed it. Now Brad Pitt has the honor to play that part.


Aug 16 2009

Gaius Julius Caesar

Over the last two weeks I had a lot of work to do and didn’t find much time to work on the Subura project. There is a little progress at the Lupanarium (pictures will follow soon) and I worked on some army props. From now on I like to introduce with every new update characters who will populate the project. Somewhere I read: “Rome didn’t had an army, it was the army.” So I start with the Army. At the moment I count 17 heads and it’s still growing.


This is the Ignite figure with no changes. I’m not sure whether good ole Gaius will take part in a story, because most of the soldiers are from the first century. For example the lorica segmentata wasn’t in use in Caesar’s time. So for historical correctness it doesn’t go together.
But anyway, today Caesar gets his solo.

The pictures were shot in the inner section of the lupanarium. The fresco in the background is from the Villa di Livia (Ad Gallinas Albas) The mural painting is today located in the Museo Nazionale Romano. There I bought the little poster. The bust is from a souvenir shop in Rome. The marble base is a wooden block covered with self-adhesive foil. The Egyptian chair is from an Asia-odd-shop. That makes me want to do a Cleopatra custom figure as well.

Aug 2 2009

The Medusa Gate

The first street is complete now. Here is the Medusa gate. I think the insignia on top of the gate is a nice eye-catcher. I bought it in the APX souvenir shop in Xanten.

Medusa Gate

Aug 2 2009

Iuventas Altar

Here is a little update. Meanwhile I found out, who this goddess is. It is Hebe. Her Roman name is Iuventas. I covered the columns and the base with some self-adhesive foil, to give them a marble look.

iuventas altar

I also worked on some details like the graffiti on the lupanarium wall and on a little “trademark” for this house of pleasure. That little thingy is a pendant, that I found in an archaeological souvenir shop in Rome.