Nov 30 2009

Teaser #6

Here is the weekly teaser:

Publius Petronius Turpilianus

I didn’t find any historical portrait of Publius Petronius Turpilianus. So I had to do my own interpretation. I took the Ariel Sharon figure from Soldier Story, a man in the right age for the Turpilianus character.

Nov 26 2009

Teaser #5

Here is Teaser #5.


For my Vespasian I choose the Tony Soprano head, sculptured by Chan Ada.
Have a look at the Vespasian busts from the time he was the roman emperor. I think Tony Soprano makes a good version of the younger Vespasian.

Nov 20 2009


A new addition to the props department. Here’s my palanquin.


For the main construction I used balsa wood and some dollhouse equipment as well. The palanquin is carried by eight Nubian slaves. They will take part in the upcoming comic adventure.

Nov 16 2009

Teaser #4

…and the next teaser…


Nov 10 2009

Chinese Furniture

Last sunday I visted the Fashion-Doll fair in Cologne. As always it was nice to meet some folks. From Klaus I bought some Re-Mint surprise packs
And I found some jewels for my patrician ladies.
When I saw this Ming-style chinese furniture, I couldn’t resist.
Here are some quick shots.

chinese furniture

Nov 10 2009

Teaser #3

Here is the third Memento Mori Teaser.


I found the helmet in a souvenir shop in Rome. That was good luck, to find a beautiful gladiator helmet matching the 1/6 scale. All I had to do was a repaint.

At the moment I focus on writing the story. The next step will be the work on additional props and locations.