Dec 29 2009

Dressing the Empire

Part IV – The Emperor’s New Clothes

Here is a little Domus Aurea improvisation with Nero, Poppaea some patrician knights and the praetorian guard.

domus aurea

Dec 28 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

1. Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance


This years number one goes to Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining. (Subway) I was looking for a good Jack for a long time. So the Subway Jack was a “must buy!”

Dec 26 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

2. Mr. Bean

mr bean

This years number 2 goes to the Enterbay Mr. Bean. I like strange little guys.

Dec 25 2009

Teaser #10


Here is Peter Ustinov as Nero from the movie Que Vadis. As much as I know it was some lightyears away from true history, but Ustinov gave an outstanding performance. So I choosed him to be my Nero as well.

Dec 24 2009

Dressing the Empire

Part III – Streetwear

here are some rush hour pictures on a busy Roman street. The childrens clothes are just a very quick improvisation, probably not final.


Dec 24 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

3. Chinese Furniture

chinese furniture

Again some furniture on the list. What should I say? I really love the Ming-style furniture. I found it last month on the Fashion-Doll fair in Cologne.

Dec 23 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

4. Terminator Factory

terminator factory

My number 4 is the Hot Toys Terminator factory. That one will look great in a sci-fi diorama. And two or three of them would look even better. ;-)

Dec 23 2009

Dressing the Empire

Part II – The Senate

Here comes the second part of the little ancient fashion show. My very first senator tunic and toga was a present from Amithi The others are the work of Nina and Inge.


Dec 22 2009

Dressing the Empire

I got some good skills, but sewing isn’t one of them. So I found some support on the German Fashion Doll Forum Thanks to Alegra for advertising my work. And of course I have to thank Inge and Nina for their work on the costume design. You did a great job folks.

Part I – Plebs
And here are some pictures from the first dress rehearsal.
What’s the best place to present some plebs? Yes, the termopolio around the corner. The figures are not all final. They will get sandals and some pretty belts too. And I have to work on some of the giraffe necks. Click on the image to see the dress rehearsal pictures.


And here are some links to pages of Nina and Inge.

Inge Schumann

Nina Weyel

Dec 22 2009

Auxilia horseman

A little update to the legions of Rome. Here is an auxilia horseman from Germania. I bought the body in Duiven. The outfit comes from Ignite.

auxilia horseman