Jan 31 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl III

Today we have one of my older figures here. It’s the Dragon Nam figure Linh. The uniform is some custom stuff from Hongkong.

samurai school girl

Jan 30 2010


Chris brought in the two well known Gauls to our weekend photo shooting. I couldn’t resist, so I made this little comic, dedicated to our childhood heroes. I hope you like it.


Jan 30 2010

The Weekend Photo Shooting

Here are some more pictures of my last weekend photo shooting with Chris and Peter. I can tell you, that was really hard work. In two words: Domino Day ;-)
First here are our Barbarians. I will use some of the pictures for the upcoming Memento Mori comic. As you can notice, some of my musicians got an appearance as extras on the show.


and here are some images of our Legion. A great thank you again to Chris and Peter. for bringing in their figures.
The scene is a quick improvisation, just two posters in the background, some brown canvas on the floor, some dirt on it and some of the plants from my jungle.


Jan 24 2010

Triumphal Procession

Yesterday Chris and Peter, two guys from the German AFD Board, visited me with their figures. We took a lot of pictures, for example this little triumphal procession.

triumphal procession

Jan 24 2010

S.P.A.C.E. Calendar

S.P.A.C.E., A German internet toy shop did a customer calendar this year. My “The Shinning” Jack could make his way into it. You’ll find him in February.

Jack in Space

Jan 24 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl II

In the last week introduced Crazy Owners set was a summer school uniform as well. I used this uniform for my Samurai school girl #2

samurai school girl

head: Triad Toys
body: TTL
outfit: Crazy Ownwers

Jan 17 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl I

Time for a new girl. Here is the Blood Evolution Figure by Crazy Owners.

samurai school girl

Jan 17 2010

Teaser #13

This is my interpretation of Seneca. The historic Seneca looked more like a butcher. In all movies about that time and on many paintings as well, Seneca never looked like Seneca. So I think, my choice makes a good philosopher


Jan 10 2010

Sunday Girl: Niobe

Here is the next Sunday Girl. She will play the part of Niobe in my upcoming comic adventure. For that reason I took the pictures in my Subura set.


head: dollsfigure
body: ZC Girl Eve-body
outfit: ZC Girl

Jan 9 2010


Here are some pictures from a scene that won’t be used in the final version.