Feb 28 2010

Sunday Girls: On the Beach

I’m really sick and tired of winter. So I dicided to take some summer pix. Here are the two Hot Toys true type babes on the beach. I took the images in front of my tv-set.


Feb 21 2010

Machiko in the Jungle

Yesterday I removed my “Britannia-Set” from the living room floor, but before that, I turned it into a rainforest, to take some pictures of figures in a tropical location. Here are the images of Machiko:


Feb 14 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl V

And here is the last one of the Samurai School Girls Gang.


head: unknown
body: TTL
outfit: Crazy Ownwers
glasses: Hot Toys

Feb 13 2010

Auxilia – Slinger

More support for the Auxilia. A slinger from the Balearic Islands.


Feb 7 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl IV

It’s sunday and here is the new girl.


head: dollsfigure
body: TTL
outfit: Crazy Ownwers

Feb 7 2010

Auxilia – Syrian Archer

Here is a little support for my legion. A Syrian archer. The inspiration for the figure came from a picture on the Trajan’s column.


Feb 3 2010

Some New Roman Backgrounds

The Memento Mori countdown is running. I think I can publish the first chapter at the end of this month. But there is still a lot of work to do. Not every set can be an elaborate one. I don’t have the time and the money for this and much less the space to store it all. So some sets will be just a quick improvisation. For that reason I did a little photoshop work today to create some backgrounds. They will be used as poster prints in the backgrond of some scenes.
Here are some examples:

Mosaic floor


Marble wall