Mar 28 2010

Sunday Girl: Epicharis

Again it’s time for my sunday girl.
Here is the actress who played Epicharis in my Memento Mori Comic.
On an afternoon afte shooting her first scene she visited the Subura set and posed a bit for the photographer.


Mar 27 2010

II. Conspiracy

The 2nd part of the Memento Mori comic is online now.
English version
German version

If you want to reread a chapter, start at the Table of Content / Inhaltsverzeichnis


Making of: The Tricilium set is a quick improvisation consisting of a marble foil on the ground, two Styrofoam boards with wallpaper on it, one with the little poster of a fresco from the villa Livia, I bought in Rome and one with some canvas as a curtain on it. I made two divan beds out of 1/12 dollhouse equipment and some striped canvas. The table is from my Chinese furniture set and the Caesar bust I bought in Rome as well. For the light I used an orange filter in order to simulate the warm light of oil lamps.

Figures: Scaevenius, Natalis (Soldier Story) Lucanus (Hot Toys) Epicharis (TTL), Piso, Quintianus (Dragon?) I’m really glad with this crew. I think especially the senator figures look very believable.

History: After the introduction of the new characters you may know what this scene is about. Of course you can do some research now, if you don’t know them. I can’t hold you off from doing that, but WARNING: This may spoils a bit of the suspense! It isn’t really necessary to know the historical background. Just lean back and enjoy the story.

The Neronia was a massive Greek-style festival created by Nero. The festival was in three parts. The first was music, oratory and poetry, the second was gymnastics, and the third was riding. It was held twice—once in 60 and once in 65
The Juvenalia that Piso mentioned were scenic games instituted by Nero in AD 59, at the age of 21, in commemoration of his shaving his beard for the first time, thus indicating that he had passed from youth into manhood. These games were not celebrated in the circus, but in a private theatre erected in a pleasure-ground (nemus), and consisted of every kind of theatrical performance, Greek and Roman plays, mimetic pieces, and the like.
The most distinguished persons in the state, old and young, male and female, were expected to take part in them.

Mar 21 2010

Adventure Girl

Time for a new Sunday Girl. Again a little jungle scene. Here is the Triad Toys Otaku blonde.


Mar 20 2010

I. Coming Home

The first chapter of the Memento Mori comic is online now. It is available in English and German.
If you want to set a bookmark, this is probably the best startingpoint:
Table of Content
and for the German readers:
There you will find links to the chapters, the teasers, galleries and the weekly updated cast-page as well. On my blog I will provide some informations about the making of…, the figures and the historical background.

Thanks to Amithi for proofreading and to Nina and Inge for providing their sewing skills.

1. Establishing Shots

establishing shots

Making of: I took the pictures of the Rome model in the Museo dela Civilta Romana. Actually it’s from the time of Constantin. So don’t have a too close look on the buildings.

History:The Romans didn’t count the years. They named them after the consulship in that year. So our story starts on the 1st of April 65 AD.

2. Street & Backyard


Making of: The pictures were taken in the Subura set.

Figures: Marcus Livius: As you recognized, I took a Daniel Craig head sculpt for Marcus Livius. I like to use celebrities for different reasons. In that case it is the association with a hero (James Bond). So Daniel makes a good hero in my story as well.
Sextus Silius: This is the Beretta head sculpt of Chan Ada. In my first draft Sextus was a muck shifter. But I canceled the scene, because I was too lazy to build a Roman construction site with a crane. The content of the canceled scene is now part of the dialog between Marcus and Niobe. Sextus became the landlord.
Niobe: Dollsfigure head, TTL Body

History: After the big fire in 64 Nero signed a new law of building terms. For example, the ground floor needs to be built of stone.

3. Landscape


Making of: I took the pictures in front of my monitor.

Figures: Lucius Trebonius: This character was already in one of the teasers, so I don’t give anything away by mentioning his name now. This is the Horvath/Sizemore head from ACE. Somehow he reminds me on the Titus Pullo character in HBOs Rome. It is a great head sculpt. His facial expressions always look different in a certain light and angle, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes angry and sometimes amused.

4. Streets at night


Making of: The scene was shot in the Subura set as well, although the location of the house is meant to be somewhere else in Rome. I worked with some blue filter foil for the night look; and some orange filter for a warm light falling on the street through the open door.

Figures:The midnight wanderer is Jason Statham. After I shot several scenes with him I got a Hot Toys Christian Bale/John Conner head, and I thought, that one would have been a better choice for this part, but anyway, it was too late, because I didn’t want to reshoot all the scenes with that character.
The slaves head is some custom work. I found him on ebay Spain. I like the facial expression and his tooth space.

Mar 17 2010

Memento Mori Comic

My Memento Mori comic will start on saturday. 03/20
Here is the cover for season 1


On every saturday you’ll find some new pages.

Stay tuned!

Mar 14 2010

Sheva Alomar

This weeks Sunday Girl is Sheva Alomar from Hot Toys. I didn’t buy the box set. First I had only her outfit, later I found the body for a good price on ebay. So some parts of her equipment are missing, but I don’t worry about that.

Sheva Alomar

Mar 9 2010

The Great Escape

Steve McQueen

Here is one of my older figures. Steve McQueen as Capt. Hilts “The Cooler King” in The Great Escape from 21st Century Toys. I will barter Steve for some praetorians. So before he goes on his journey tomorrow I took some farewell pictures

Mar 7 2010


As always it was nice, to meet some of the usual suspects and talk to some new people as well.
Here’s what I bought:


The three Dragon bodies will loose their head some day and get a new custom head. The two DID guys would work well as some 60s style musicians. I think the Hot Toys muscle guy will make an excelent gladiator. With the “Legacy of Valor” girl I will try some artificial aging to turn her in an old Roman lady.
And I bought two wooden chairs and the Virtual Toys “Stone Cold Killer” Set. This is Bruce Willis as Hartigan in Sin City.

Mar 7 2010

Sunday Girl: Susan

Here is my weekly Sunday Girl.


Head: Figuretoys
Body: TTL
Outfit: Figuretoys