May 30 2010

Bass Babe Betty

Here is the Sunday Girl of this week. I’m not sure about the head. I think it’s fromm TTL. The outfit is from Dollsfigure.


May 29 2010

XI. Roll the Dice

Chapter 11 is online now. See the 4 new pages here:
English Version
German Version


The first scene was shot in the Termopolio, a part of my Subura set. The inspiration for the location came from the Termopolio in Ostia Antica. For the dice game I used some modern dice. I was to lazy to build some tiny ancient dice. Read about Dog Throw and Venus Throw in the Wikipedia
We meet four new figures with a speaking part in that scene. Agilis Nicator is Sly Stalone (Hot Toys) He is an ex-gladiator. I took Stalone because of his Rambo/Rocky image. And like Rocky Balboa he became an innkeeper who never gets tired, to tell his customers about his great fights in the arena. The three gamblers are from DID, BBI and Soldier Story.


The second scene takes place in the Forica. The Inspiration came again from Ostia Antica. I used a book about ancient Roman graffiti for all the Latin writings on the walls. I guess, you can figure out, what a lupanar (or Lupanarium) is. About the “Unclean Mouth” Lucius mentioned: In Ancient Rome, fellatio was considered profoundly taboo. The genitals were considered to be unclean. Oral sex was thought to make the mouth dirty.

May 23 2010

Commissaria Laura Sanvitale

Here is my bash for this sunday – Commissaria Laura Sanvitale. The set is an upcoming location in my Memento Mori comic. The head is from Triad Toys, the body from TTL.
The outfit from here and there on ebay.


May 22 2010

X. The Palanquin Incident

Three new pages are online now.
English Version
German Version


The entire scene was taken in the Subura diorama. Laelius is a Chan Ada head sculpt, meant to be Anthony Hopkins. I think there isn’t a great likeness. Hermes the slave is a custom head of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Hakim from the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death. The Egyptian is a Dragon figure, the snake charmer is from Dragon as well, from the movie Hero. For his pungi I used two straws and some Green Stuff. I like to have some foreigner in the scenes to underline the cosmopolitan aspect of Rome.

May 16 2010



It’s Sunday Girl time again. Here is Winona from Dragon in a girlie outfit from Mattel. The indoor set is a quick improvisation on my kitchen table, mostly with repaints of Gloria furniture.

May 15 2010

IX. Domus Aurea

The new chapter with 5 pages is online now.
English Version
German version
Don’t get lost with all the charecters, have a look on the cast index.

Outside the Golden House

domus aurea

Making of: The new chapter takes us to the Domus Aurea – Nero’s Golden House. For the outdoor images I used some sgi-material of the golden house and took pictures in front of the monitor. For the little detail pictures on the steps I used the temple stairway.

Figures: There is one new figure in that scene, the amanuensis Epaphroditus, freedman of Nero. He was mentioned by Tacitus. The head comes from Soldier Story. He looks like Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane in Iron Man.

History: When Vespasianus became emperor, he built the Flavian Amphitheatre – better known as the Colloseum – in that place.

Lobby in the Domus Aurea.

domus aurea

Making of: The set is a quick improvisation on my kitchen table.

Figures: There are several figures in that scene. Apart from Lucius Trebonius they are all historic characters. Some of them were introduced before. Here are the new figures. Consul Aulus Licinius Nerva Silianus is Dr. Sid from Final Fantasy (don’t know the brand) Consul Marcus Iulius Vestinus Atticus is again a Chan Ada head sculpt. Senator Plautius Lateranus is a Soldier Story head. I think Claudius Senecio is a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible head, not a good likeness. The Poppaea head comes from Hot Toys. Titus Petronius is from an unknown chinese brand, meant to be a George Clooney as Archie Gates in Three Kings. Not a good likeness as well or did you recognize him? The prefect Lucius Faenius Rufus is a Hot Toys True Type figure.

History: Nero enjoyed driving a one-horse chariot, singing to the lyre and poetry. He even composed songs that were performed by other entertainers throughout the empire. At first, Nero only performed for a private audience.

In 64, Nero began singing in public in Neapolis in order to improve his popularity. He also sang at the second quinquennial Neronia in 65. It was said that Nero craved the attention, but historians also write that Nero was encouraged to sing and perform in public by the Senate, his inner circle and the people. Ancient historians strongly criticize his choice to perform, calling it shameful.

Nero was convinced to participate in the Olympic Games of 67 in order to improve relations with Greece and display Roman dominance. As a competitor, Nero raced a ten-horse chariot and nearly died after being thrown from it. He also performed as an actor and a singer. Though Nero faltered in his racing (in one case, dropping out entirely before the end) and acting competitions, he won these crowns nevertheless and paraded them when he returned to Rome. The victories are attributed to Nero bribing the judges and his status as emperor.

May 10 2010

Black Widow

Another must buy. Coming this fall.

black widow

black widow

May 9 2010

Maid Maggie

My Sunday Girl for this week is Maid Maggie from Crazy Owners. With her long face she isn’t really a beauty, but I like the head sculpt anyway, because it’s very unique.


May 8 2010

VIII. The Big Fire

Chapter 8 is online now.
English Version
German Version


The backyard location and the characters were already introduced in chapter 1. So there isn’t much to say about the new chapter.

History: See wikipedia for more information about:
The Great Fire of Rome
Cloaca Maxima

May 3 2010

Emmy Rossum as Bulma

Have you already seen this:


Emmy Rossum as Bulma in Dragon Ball Evolution. A 1/6 scale figure by Enterbay. Isn’t that an awesome head sculpt?