Jun 27 2010

Kim Rocks

Here is my sunday girl again. One more babe rocking the stage. I’m not really sure about the head and the outfit, but I think it’s from dollsfigure.


Jun 26 2010

XV. Blackout

Chapter 15, consisting of 4 pages, is online now. A little warning: it contains some explicit pictures. So probably NSFW.
English Version
German Version

The first scene takes us to the backyard, an already introduced location. Then we see the inside of the Livius’ home.

livius home

The set is a very quick improvisation using some wallpapers on styrofoam boards. Lucius tells the story of the last night. The flashback brings us to the Lupanarium.


These scenes were all taken in the Subura set. We meet a new character there: Cestilia the Lupa. She is a Triad Toys Otaku figure. The street scene in the second flashback ends with a cliff-hanger. The location will be introduced next week. Some of you maybe found a historical mistake in chapter 15. I know, but I wanted to keep the gag.

Jun 20 2010


It’s sunday girl time again. Here’s Nadia.
Head and outfit from dollsfigure.
I used the home of Piso from my Memento Mori comic as location for the pictures.


Jun 19 2010

XIV. Breakfast at Piso’s

The new chapter is online now. See the 5 new pages here:
English Version
German Version


For this set I designed some Roman textures for the walls and the mosaic floor. I think the result turned out nice. The content of the scene is based on the annales of Tacitus.

Jun 15 2010

Support Memento Mori

support Memento Mori

If you like the Memento Mori comic, please vote for it. That will get me a better ranking and with some good luck it will win me some new readers. Thank you very much.

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Jun 13 2010


And as always… The girl on sunday. I found this custom head on ebay. It’s meant to be Alicia Keys. Is there any likeness? I don’t know.


Jun 12 2010

XIII. Ask for Locusta

First I like to say thank you for your comments. It’s important to know, that someone is watching. Your feedback is always welcome. I still have fun, working on this project. So season 2 is a done deal. Season 1 will end with chapter 16. After a short break the second season will start.
The new chapter is online now. See the 4 new pages here:
English Version
German Version


The first scene with Marcus, Niobe and Agilis takes place at the termopolio of the ex-gladiator. Nothing new to report here.


For the prefecture scene I made a marble texture and let it print at posterjack.com. A nice detail is the scorpion shield. I saw a shield like this in a book about Roman reenactment. The scorpion was a symbol of the praetorian guard. The mentioned Locusta was a poisoner, who was involved in several homicides. In A.D. 54, she may have been hired by Agrippina the Younger to kill the Emperor Claudius, possibly with a poisoned dish of mushrooms. Read more about Locusta

Jun 6 2010

Street Girl

Here’s the Sunday Girl for this week.
Street Girl from In House Production.

street girl

Jun 5 2010

XII. Seneca

Season 1 is about to end in a few weeks. There was only a very little feedback on the comic. So I’m not really sure, whether anyone is watching this. If you’d like, the story to continue in season 2, drop a little line.
The new chapter went online today. Find 4 new pages here:
English Version
German Version


The first scene takes place in Seneca’s bedroom. Not much to say about the making of. I used some Styrofoam walls with wallpaper on it, the divan beds and some blue filter foil. I found my Seneca head on ebay, don’t know the brand. He doesn’t look like the historic Seneca, but I think he makes a good philosopher. For his wife Paulina I uses the Judi Dench “M” head, again a work of Chan Ada.


For the outdoor scene I used some new Modur walls, and the Corinthian pillars from my Hebe shrine. Did you identify the mysterious visitor? For the slave Crispinus I used a custom head, I bought in Duiven.
According to Tacitus some of the conspirators were not happy with the idea, that Piso would become the new emperor. They were thinking to replace him by Seneca. That gave the inspiration for the scene.