Aug 29 2010


some very simple pics on this Sunday.


figure: TTL
outfit: Dollsfigure

Aug 28 2010

XXI. Cestilia

The next chapter with 5 brand-new pages is online now. The lupa Cestilia has something to report about her pimp Bassus.
English version
German version


The flashback takes place in the lupanarium. For the night scene I uses some blue filter foil. We meet one new actor here. I used an Al Capone head (sculptured by Chan Ada) for Bassus. I think he fits in good in that role. The extra lupa is a Hot Toys true type with a wig.


We learn something new about the slaves from chapter 10 (X. The Palanquin Incident) The picture of consul Vestinus and his slaves shows a little market place in the background. This location will be introduced later.

Aug 22 2010

A Western Theme

This Sunday a little western theme.


Figure: Triad Toys
Pants: Triad Toys
Top: vintage ?
Hat: Sideshow
Boots: CY Girl
Gun: ?
Horses: Marx
Rocking chair: flea market
Stool: Mattel
skull: pet shop

Aug 21 2010

XX. Investigations

Three new pages are online now. Marcus Livius starts his investigations. There is something odd about the Laelius house.
English version
German version


Most of the chapter takes place in the termopolio. The basement was introduced last week. For the hatch I simply used one of my subura walls and a door. The pictures in the taproom were illuminated only by tealights.

Laelius house

For the flashback scenes I used the entry of a subura house. I tried not to show too much of the surrounding area, because the location of the Laelius house is meant to be in another district of Rome. We find two new characters in the scenes. The majordomo Plautus is a Dragon repaint and the slave Afer is “John Locke”, a Chan Ada headsculpt.

Aug 21 2010

No Harley for Harley

A Harley Davidson is still missing in my collection.
So Takara Cool Girl Harley gets only a Triumph.


Aug 14 2010

XIX. More Wine Dominus?

The new chapter is online now. See the four new pages here:
English version
German version


For the Nomentum scene with Seneca, Paulina, Lucanus, Epicharis and the slave Crispinus I used the “seneca-walls” again (see chapter 12). The close-ups of the wine glass were a bit tricky to shoot.


The basement scene with Marcus and Lucius uses elements from different sets. The walls are from my Ta Prohm Khmer temple diorama.

Aug 8 2010

Scarlett Johansson

The sunday girls are back.
Here are some pics of my Scarlett Johansson bash.


Aug 7 2010

XVIII. Hide and Seek

5 new pages are online now.
English version
German version

hide and seek

On the first page we meet a new figure. The praetorian officer is a custom, done by Peter aka Petemit from the AFD board.

hide and seek

The street set is a variation of the parts, I used for chapter 15 and 16.

hide and seek

The set of the praetorian encounter is the well on mudddy road set. This chapter was a lot of fun. Now I hope, that my intention works.

Aug 1 2010

XVII. Wanted

I was offline for a while and had to fight some computer problems. But I’m still in time to start season 2 as scheduled. Many thanks to Colleen O’Neill for the proofreading of the new season. Colleen your work is great!
There’s nothing to say about the new chapter. You know the characters and locations already. So, here we go. Have fun with the new season.


English version

German version

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