Sep 28 2010

Watching Outtakes

Tom and the team are watching the Memento Mori footage including some outtakes with a stange weird little guy.


German version

Sep 26 2010

Honey on Firebike

This Sunday some simple pictures of Honey on a firebike.


The figure is Cute Honey from BBI. The jumpsuit is from a Hongkong based internet shop

Sep 25 2010

XXV. The Art of Observation

A new Memento Mori chapter is online now. Marcus is followed by a spy of Tigellinus. See the four new pages here:
English version
German Version


For this set I assembled parts of the Subura set to a new location. Did you recognize all elements? The Brit trader is Sideshow’s Faramir. In the second part of the chapter I used some model pictures of Roman insulae I took at the museo della civilta romana in Rome. Part three of the scene takes place in one of the well-known Subura streets.


Sep 23 2010


Tom visits the studio to take a new look behind the scenes of the Memento Moro production. Click on the picture for the English version.


and here is the German version.

Sep 19 2010

Lucy and an Indian

This week’s Sunday Girl shows nothing really new. Lucy is a caucasian Perfect Body BBI figure on a New Ray Indian. The set was introduced earlier as well. Nevertheless I hope you like the pics.


Sep 18 2010

XXIV. Friends of Poetry

A new chapter is online now.
English version
German Version


Tigellinus gives some instructions to his master spy. And Marcus meets the friends of poetry in the house of Piso. Do they have something to hide?
I’m not sure about the spy, I think it’s a DID head. For Piso’s wife Satria Galla I used a Meryl Streep head, sculptured by Chan Ada.

Satria Galla

Sep 16 2010

F/X Department

Today Tom is visiting the Memento Mori F/X Department and gets a little tutorial.


click here for the German Version

Sep 12 2010

Chacha Asai

Here is my Sunday Girl for this week – Chacha Asai (Hot Toys).


Sep 11 2010

XXIII. Crime Scene

The new Memento Mori chapter consisting of 4 brand-new pages is online now.
English version
German version

crime scene

This time it’s pure fiction. You know the Romans didn’t have any kind of a modern police or CSI. The Vigilis did some police work, but normally no investigations like this. We meet two new characters in this chapter The tribune Tiberius Optimus is Ed Harris – a DID head sculpt. And the Greek Doctor Hesychios is the Richard Marcinko head sculpt produced by BBI.

Sep 11 2010

On the Set

Today Tom is visiting the Lupanarium set.

prop room

click here for the German Version