Jun 26 2011

XXXV. Time To Act

It was a long break, but now Memento Mori is back with a new Chapter on every weekend. I like to thank Colleen O’Neill for the proofreading and for transforming my broken English into a propper language. You do a great job, Colleen.

As usual here are some little “making of” notes.


The first scene takes place in the house of Senator Piso. Faenius Rufus tells what happend on the prefecture. The location has been introduced before. I did the wallpaper design in Photoshop. It’s based on some pictures I took in the APX.


Then we have a little flashback to the prefecture, where we see the Epicharis/Vollusius Proculus confrontation. This scene takes up the yarn from Chapter XXXIII. Arrested Again I used a poster as the main background.


In the 3rd scene Marcus takes Afer to the workshop of the sculptor Sulpicius Castor for the sketch of Birdface. The Castor head sculpt is the Harrison Ford – Blade Runner head from Lonnie painted by Okieh2 from the AFD Board. His helper is the Chan Ada Jim Morission head sculpt. The location is a mixture from different parts of the Subura set. I put in most of my Roman sculptures to create the look of a sculptors workshop.


The last location is again a quick improvisation using parts of the Subura set. The barker is the Jorge Garcia ‘Hurley’ head from Lost sculptured by Chan Ada.

And here are the six new pages:
English Version
German Version

You may like to have a look on the last seasons. Here is the content page:

Jun 25 2011

Memento Mori – Season 3

Only one day left. Season 3 will start tomorrow.


here’s the cover:


You may like to have a look on the last seasons. Here is the content page:

English Version

German Version

Jun 20 2011

Projekt 52: KW25 – Architektur


Weil ich mich für die Antike interessiere und auch weil mein Rom Comic nächsten Sonntag mit neuen Folgen Online geht, habe ich mich für ein klassisches Detail antiker Architektur entschieden – das korinthische Kapitell.


Jun 19 2011

Memento Mori: One More Week

The wait is over. The new Memento Mori season will start next Sunday. Two chapters are ready, a third is in proofreading and the layout for three more is done. This is a nice head start. Enough to launch the new season.

memento Mori Teaser

Chapter XXXV consits of six pages and the title is “Time To Act” You may like to have a look on the last seasons. Here is the content page:

English Version

German Version

Jun 14 2011

Projekt 52: KW24 – Bällebad

Ball Pit

Erstmalig habe ich mich für das Projekt 52 in Unkosten gestürzt, denn die passenden Bälle hatte ich nicht. Fündig wurde ich in einem Angeln-Shop. Die bunten Styropor Auftriebskugeln waren genau das Richtige. Und so kann MiniMe nun auch sein Bällebad nehmen.


Jun 7 2011

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Do you like action figure stories and comics? And you like to do one and join a group project? Then have a look here for some further information.


Jun 7 2011


The dungeon set works well with the gladiators as they march to the arena.


Jun 6 2011

Projekt 52: KW23 – Friedliche Idylle

Peaceful Idyll

Hier ist meine friedliche Idylle. Natürlich liegt sie am Meer.

friedliche Idylle

Jun 4 2011

The Dungeon – Final Paint

The dungeon for my Memento Mori comic is ready now. Click on the image for more pictures.