Jan 29 2012

Projekt 52: KW4 – Müll


So, geschafft! Die Januar Themen wären komplett.


Aber was sehe ich da, MiniMe scheint echt noch nix von Mülltrennung gehört zu haben.

Jan 19 2012

Projekt 52: KW3 – Liniert



MiniMe auf dem Weg zum hohen C.

Jan 17 2012

More Roman Props

roman props

I found the Lupa Capitolina in 1/6 scale on Ebay. I removed the twins, because they were an addition of the Renaissance. Until recently it was widely acknowledged that the statue was an Etruscan work dating from the 5th Century BC. New research results gave a very precise indication that the statue was manufactured in the 13th Century.
Nevertheless I will use the statue.
Cicero mentions a statue of the she-wolf as one of a number of sacred objects on the Capitoline that had been inauspiciously struck by lightning in the year 65 BC.
Then the wolf was possibly the medieval copy of a damaged, Etruscan sculpture

roman props

I found this head on a toy fair in Cologne. Doesn’t she look a bit like Agrippina Minor? The column is a candleholder. It was a present from Husy Husemeyer.

roman props

I found this little Satyr on Ebay a couple of month ago.

roman props

another ebay find: a Poseidon/Neptune statue.

roman props

Jan 16 2012

Roman Props from my Sponsor

Here are the Roman props from my sponsor (Römer-Shop)

Roman props
A little Venus home altar.

Roman props
Mithras relief.

Roman props
Relief showing a hairdresser scene

Roman props
some papyrus book marks showing the Julio-Claudian dynasty. I think they will look nice as a wall decoration.

Jan 11 2012

Projekt 52: KW2 – Wie im Zirkus

Mini Mi hat lange geübt für sein Kunststück. Ich konnte gar nicht hinsehen. Eigentlich wollte er ja mit brennenden Kettensägen jonglieren, aber davon konnte ich ihn noch gerade abhalten.


Jan 10 2012


Here are some pictures of the new gladiators.


Jan 9 2012

Projekt 52: KW1 – Alltagsheld

Daily Hero

Ein neues Jahr hat begonnen und ich habe mir lange überlegt, ob ich noch weiter bei Projekt 52 mitmache. Ich versuche es mal, werde aber wahrscheinlich dieses Jahr nicht dazu kommen, alle Themen zu bearbeiten. Neu ist, dass jetzt alle Themen für den ganzen Monat am Monatsanfang veröffentlicht werden und man wählt dann die Reihenfolge in der man sie bearbeitet selbst. Ich beginne mal mit dem Thema Alltagsheld Das ist natürlich mein MiniMe.


Jan 9 2012

Projekt 52: KW52 – Zitate


Hier ist das letzte Thema für 2011. Ich habe mich für ein Zitat von Woody Allen entschieden. Klickt auf das Bild, um es zu sehen.


Jan 9 2012

Top Ten 2011 – #1: Celadus & Astacius

And the winner is…


You know that ancient Rome is one of my main topics, So, it’s no surprise that the winners are the new awesome gladiators, Celadus a Thraex and Astacius a Retiarius made by Kaustic Plastik. The two figures are truely outstanding and Kaustic Plastik is on the best way to become my favorite company. They are located in Rome and that’s the best place for working on historically accurate figures and they focus on ancient figures!!! A new Roman legionnaire will come soon and they have plans to bring us more marvelous Romans. I can’t wait to see the Secutor. One more remarkable thing about Kaustic Plastik is, that they keep in touch with their customers. For example you can find them on the OSW Board, where they answer questions of their customers.


They planed to do a Murmillo first, but when ACI announced Flamma, Kaustic Plastik changed plans and produced a Thraex, what redounds to the customer’s advantage, getting now three classes of gladiators. Big compliment! For me Kaustic Plastik is the company of the year and one of the hottest rockets on the market.


Jan 8 2012

Top Ten 2011 – #2: Head Play Heads


2011 I got 10 new Head Play heads: Danny Trejo, André Bourvil, Louis De Funès, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Hefner, Ben Kingsley, Sean Connery, Tobin Bell, Anthony Hopkins and Steve Austin. I will use them first for my Memento Mori comic. Head Play brought us more than 100 high quality heads and made customizers dreams come true.