Jan 25 2013

coming soon…

stay tuned for a new Tom adventure.

Strange Worlds

Jan 19 2013

No. 1 Valerius


Last year’s winner was Kaustic Plastik. They keep the throne this year. My #1 is the awesome figure Valerius from KP.
See my German Review on Action Figure District.

Jan 18 2013

No. 2 Spartacus


My #2 goes to Spartacus from ACI.
See my German review on Action Figure District

Jan 17 2013

No. 3 Mens Hommes Vol. 4


My #4 is the Mens Hommes Tool Set. I love those little things.
See my German Review on Action Figure District.

Jan 16 2013

No. 4 Dead Rising


My #4 is the fat tourist zombie. The figure came with a promo edition of the video game Dead Rising.

Jan 15 2013

No. 5 London After Midnight

London After Midnight

Lon Chaney as Professor Edward C. Burke. I found the old Sideshow figure in my local comicshop for 25 Euro.

Jan 14 2013

No. 6 Heroic Muscle Bodies

heroic muscle bodies

My #6 are the Heroic Muscle Bodies from Kaustic Plastik. They will make some great gladiators.

Jan 13 2013

No. 7 Little Things from Pompeii


On no. 7 I put all the little things I bought in Pompeii and Naples. They will show up in the new locations, that I’m building for the upcoming season 4 of Memento Mori.

Jan 12 2013

Top Ten 2012

Like every year I will do my top ten list. But last year there was only a little budget left for the hobby, so my top ten will be only a top 8.

My No. 8 – Garbage Container

garbage container

A nice scene addition I think.