The Piano Has Been Drinking

Tom Waits

Tom Waits is my favourite songwriter. For that reason I commisioned his head from Ada For the pictures I used two copies. On one I ground the hair and placed the Robert Blake cap on it. For the shooting some of my figures from the band project had the honor to be on stage with Mr. Waits.

Tom Waits

2 Responses to “The Piano Has Been Drinking”

  • Amithi Says:

    Finally! After actually having the heads in hand I was really really curious how these would turn out. Great work on this one, Mick.
    Incidentially last week I thought the cover of “Closing Time” would be an awesome master for pics. Forgot to tell you on Saturday.

    Now I just hope that I don’t fall in love with him. :D

  • robbitobbi Says:

    tom waits!!! sehr sehr cool – wirklich super getroffen. die fotos sind auch wirklich gro├če klasse.