IV. Boudicca

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To be true, the whole Britannia scenes are not really necessary for the main story, but hey – you are watching the extended version ;-) I’m sure some of you really love to see Boudicca to show up in the story. And I was eager for shooting some fighting pictures with my Roman Soldiers and some barbarians.
A little warning: This is a hardboiled chapter with sex, violence and a lot of blood in it. NSFW.


1. Landscape.
Making of: This is the living room floor set I’d built for the weekend shooting with Peter and Chris. The scene is a quick improvisation, just two posters in the background, some brown canvas on the floor, some dirt on it and some of the plants from my jungle.

Figures: for Boudicca I used a Hot Toys True-Type Body,. I’m not sure about her head. I cut off her hair and gave her a red wig. Under the extras you will find a lot of familiar faces , like the musicians from my rock band project. I have to thank Chris and Peter for bringing in their barbarians and Roman soldiers.

History: The Boudicca Revolt occurred in 61 AD. The first part of the Boudicca speech (row 1) is from Tacitus the second part was put by Cassius Dio into Boudicca’s mouth.


2.Camulodunum & Londinium Streets.
Making of: This is again a simple tabletop set with the Roman streets, wallpapers in the background and some additional props. For the wounds I took derma-wax and a lot of movie-blood came into use.

Figures: Rapist – Jack Torrance (Subway Toys), Roman Girl – Hot Toys True Type, Extras – Dragon.

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  • KaLeun Says:

    Awesome! Boudiccas outfit is surely not authentic but the “scotch-look” is great. Again excellent settings and photographs. And a litte bit of gore ;-)