Feb 13 2009

Here We Go!


The English Version of the comic is now available.

Feb 13 2009

On Drums: Jimmy Frost

So, it’s done the last german pages are online now. At the moment I’m working on the english version. There are only four pages left. So it probably will go online tomorrow, or with some good luck already tonight.
As always, here are some links to the latest stills. Willy Davenport selling wine, with his bike and on stage. Joe Pushkin in Joe’s garage. And Jimmy Frost playing a Clash song. For the last pages about Jimmy click on the picture.


At the end it was really a nip-and-tuck race between Jimmy. Willy and Adriel. If you like to, have a look on the voting statistics.

Feb 12 2009

Willy “Guitar” Davenport

First again some stills. Here is Pizza dude and weed smoker Adriel Jackson. Two new pages are online with the feature on William Davenport and his interview. Click on the picture to go to the update.


btw, I started already to work on the english version. It will be online on the weekend.

Feb 12 2009

On the Bass: Mr. Adriel Jackson

Here are again some stills from our yesterday hero Matthew Doyle.
On the bass we find Adriel Jackson. That is my favourite litte chapter of the story. Click on the image for the new pages.


Feb 11 2009

The Frontman: Matthew Doyle

First, here is a little gallery with some stills of Martin Parker. And the first one who made it into the Band is Matthew Doyle. What do you think about the “Guitar King Music Store”? It was again only a quick improvisation, but I think it works well. Click on the Image, to see the new pages.


Feb 10 2009

Goodbye Martin

Some new stills are available for Fāng Yǒng , Mike Emerson and the warehouse. and for Jack Palmer and Olaf Gustavson got a live pic.


Martin Parker gets the chop today. He was one of my favourites. For his backstory pictures I built a little quick and dirty office set. Looking on it today, I think the wall are too bare. A bulletin board , a calender and some layouts would make it look much better. So, Memo for me to consider that in the final story. What do you think about the office?

Feb 4 2009

The First Results

behind the curtains

Here are the first results of the bandgenerator voting. At the moment only available in German. An English version will be online in a week I hope. Click on the picture to view the comic.
The next pages will follow tomorrow.

Oct 17 2008

The New Comic is Online Now

Behind the Curtains

Behind the curtains

The new comic is online now. It’s a prequel on the upcoming story of the adventures of a rock band. I will introduce a new character every Saturday to the discussion. So here you can take impact on the figures of the story. I will introduce 9, maybe 10 characters. But only four will make it into the band. Who? That will be your decision.
The first character is Matthew Doyle. The introduction of the figures can be found in the category characters.
I will do the entries for this game in English and in German. It’s up to you, which language you prefer. I will try to translate the important facts, to make them available for all. Have fun.

Der neue Comic ist jetzt online es handelt sich um ein Prequel zu der in Vorbereitung befindlichen Geschichte über die Abenteuer einer Rockband. Ab heute werde ich an jedem Samstag einen neuen Charakter vorstellen und zur Diskussion stellen. Ihr könnt hier also Einfluss auf die Figuren der Geschichte nehmen. Ich werde 9, vielleicht auch 10 Charaktere vorstellen. In die Band kommen dann vier. Welche, das entscheidet am Ende ihr.
Der erste Charakter ist Matthew Doyle. Die Vorstellung der Figuren findet ihr in der Kategorie Characters .
Die Einträge zu diesem Spiel werde ich zweisprachig in Deutsch und Englisch vornehmen. Es sei Euch überlassen in welcher Sprache ihr schreibt, ich werde versuchen alle wichtigen Facts zu übersetzten, so dass sie allen zugänglich sind. Viel Spaß.

Oct 10 2008

New Comic – Work In Progress

Yesterday I finished my script for the “Behind the Curtains” comic. On Sunday I will get the last missing props for the scene from Klaus I hope, I can start shooting next week. So with good luck the story can be online next weekend.

Dunedin writing

Sep 24 2008

Behind The Curtains

Ten days left and then it’s Actionfigurado time again. This time Conzuela Delgado will be there with her camera operator Steve Miller. Conny will report for you from the event and will bring you pictures and interviews from the scene. This will be her first feature for the channel 5 production “Behind The Curtains”.

The characters and the “Behind The Curtains” show take part in my new comic project. Click on the image for a little teaser.

behind the curtains