Dec 29 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 6 Abigail Whistler Head
(Hot Toys)


Hot Toys is my favourite manufacturer of action figures. Unfortunately the figures are bloody expensive, so I’m not able to buy all the wonderfull figures, I’d love to own. Sometimes I buy only the head, if I can find it for a good price on ebay, like the Abigail Whistler/Jessica Biel head. I used a Hot Toys Caucasian body for her. I’m not sure about her outfit, I think it’s from Triad Toys. The high heels are from Crazy Owners.

May 9 2010

Maid Maggie

My Sunday Girl for this week is Maid Maggie from Crazy Owners. With her long face she isn’t really a beauty, but I like the head sculpt anyway, because it’s very unique.


Jan 24 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl II

In the last week introduced Crazy Owners set was a summer school uniform as well. I used this uniform for my Samurai school girl #2

samurai school girl

head: Triad Toys
body: TTL
outfit: Crazy Ownwers

Jan 17 2010

Sunday Girl: Samurai School Girl I

Time for a new girl. Here is the Blood Evolution Figure by Crazy Owners.

samurai school girl

Dec 19 2009

My Top Ten Faves 2009

8. Niobe

One remarkable development of this year was, that a lot of female stuff hit the market. If you go back a few years, there were mostly the BBI-Cy Girls and Takara-Cool Girls and some military and movie related female figures. And only a few companies like Triad Toys were offering accessories. Meanwhile we can find a lot of new stuff. New bodies, head sculpts and accessories by Triad Toys, Hot Toys, ZC Girl, TTL, Dollsfigure, Crazy Owners…
I bought several new heads, bodies and outfits this year. Next year I will launch a new category called “The Sunday Girls”. Here you will find every Sunday some new girls pictures.


I picked one of the girls as my number 8. This is a Dollsfigure head on a ZC Eve body. The outfit is from ZC Girl as well. She will play the part of Niobe in my upcominc comic adventure Memento Mori.