Jan 13 2011

New Heads

Here are some new character heads:


The first one is the DID T. Becker head. He looks like the actor Robert Knepper who played Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell in the TV series Prison Break. The second head is Al Pacino as Michael Corleone from The Godfather. The figure was released under the name “Bagheria” by ArtFigures. The third head is Zhang Jizhong, China’s most well known TV series producer and a recognizable entertainment celebrity in China. The head was produced by HeadPlay

Dec 24 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

Like every year I’ll do a top ten list of my fave toys of the year. As always it’s not easy, to find an order fort he countdown. My personal criteria for the voting were:
quality, desire-factor, exclusiveness , usability, wow-effect
I will start my countdown tomorrow. For today here’s one of the nominees who didn’t make it into the top ten. My # 11 is the Ed Harris head from DID. He already had his appearance in the last season of Memento Mori. I like the actor and the head sculpt and the paintjob are great. Look at the stubbles.

top ten - 11

Nov 25 2010

New Heads

here are three new heads.


First the DID head of Jude Law, second the Hot Toys King Leonidas/Gerald Butler head. He will show up in season 3. And third the Sarah Connor/Linda Hamilton head by Hot Toys.

Mar 7 2010


As always it was nice, to meet some of the usual suspects and talk to some new people as well.
Here’s what I bought:


The three Dragon bodies will loose their head some day and get a new custom head. The two DID guys would work well as some 60s style musicians. I think the Hot Toys muscle guy will make an excelent gladiator. With the “Legacy of Valor” girl I will try some artificial aging to turn her in an old Roman lady.
And I bought two wooden chairs and the Virtual Toys “Stone Cold Killer” Set. This is Bruce Willis as Hartigan in Sin City.

Feb 22 2009

Another Hairy Little Guy

Here is the third part of my little Lord of the Rings shooting, starring Gimli from Toy Biz. This was one of the better Toy Biz head sculpts. For the first pictures I used some of my temple walls in the background. Then we see Gimli with his buddy Legolas on a DID horse and a little attack by a custom Orc.


Dec 29 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Over the year I took tons of pictures. On the weekend I did a little review and listed my favourite images of the year. I thought another countdown would be nice for this. So, here are the places 20 – 16. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

20. Johnny didn’t Come Back


Sometimes I’m tired of the multitude of military figures and kitbashes. And I’m not a fan of soldiers in heoric poses. War is about agony and death. That brought me to this little concept work, showing a decayed GI in the jungle. I wanted, that the props – the rusty pistole and his wallet with a girl’s picture – tell a story. for the scene I created a little jungle location with a crashed helicopter in the trees. The skeleton is a repainted “Glow-In-The-Dark” skeleton.

19. The Cornet Player


A very simple image, but I love it anyway. I like the light reflexes and blooming on the cornet and also the facial expression of the musician. The picture reminds me on a Jazz musician and my visits on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

18. Robert Mitchum – Film Noir

film noir

The series with my Robert Mitchum figure takes place in the “Old Fashioned Room” diorama. Outside I placed a poster with the skyline of New York. In order to get the desired Film noir ambience, I used a low key illumination and worked with hard contrast. The main light comes from outside the window and some mini spots lighten Mitchums face and the table. I like the shadows on his face and the details on the table.

17. Aragorn & Brego


This is an image of the Sideshow figure Aragorn on a DID horse. It was shot in the “riverbed”. I blowed a lot of fog into the background. That makes a nice spooky forest. And I think there is a little illusion of motion in it.

16. Keith Richards

Keith Richards

I like the blue back light here. And the air is full of cigarette smoke. Only Charlie Watts in the background is much too young.