Oct 10 2010

Back from Duiven

The visit of the Duiven toy fare was nice as always. Nice to meet the usual suspects and to meet some new people from the boards ‘n blogs. Thanks to Raven, I enjoyed our talk.
Here is what I brought home from Duiven.

3 beer crates, 1 head in a gas bottle, Eva, a dog a firefighter, a table, a coffee machine, 2 Re-Ment surprise packs and a fireplug

The cigar smoker head from Loading Toys and Eva from Triad Toys. I like the head sculpts.

The firefighter from 21st Century Toys

This figure came with some nice props. Look at the chainsaw!

Fireplug and dog. The fireplug will look great in my street diorama.

I had good luck with the Re-Ment surprise packs. I love the Jaguar-beer. Reminds me on my days in South-East Asia.

Mar 7 2010


As always it was nice, to meet some of the usual suspects and talk to some new people as well.
Here’s what I bought:


The three Dragon bodies will loose their head some day and get a new custom head. The two DID guys would work well as some 60s style musicians. I think the Hot Toys muscle guy will make an excelent gladiator. With the “Legacy of Valor” girl I will try some artificial aging to turn her in an old Roman lady.
And I bought two wooden chairs and the Virtual Toys “Stone Cold Killer” Set. This is Bruce Willis as Hartigan in Sin City.

Mar 8 2009


Yesterday I spend the day on the ActionFigurado in Duiven. As always it was nice to meet the usual suspects and have some talks about the hobby with other toy maniacs.
Here is a picture of my hunting results.


I bought three horses, that will be used in the Roman project. Some bodies for custom figures (5 Dragon, 1 BBI, 1 Hot Toys, 1 Sideshow). I like the head sculpt of the Sideshow civil war figure. So, good luck for the guy, he will keep his head on his shoulders and will probably have some appearances as an extra. The unlucky other guys will get decapitated, and get actors heads. I also bought a Triad Toys Otaku body. This time the girl has a more realistic head sculpt. I didn’t like the Manga look on the first Otaku bodies. What else? A Samuel L. Jackson lookalike head, 5 designer chairs for one of my future comic locations, a nice leatherjacket two Beck t-shirts, some cheap workaday clothes from the bargain boxes, a chain hood, ancient shoes, some Re-Ment sets with vegetables and the action-food spaghetti set (That’s a nice one – can’t wait, to built a mafia mobster eating his pasta)

Oct 5 2008

Actionfigurado October 08

As always it was nice to meet the usual suspects. And as always I was able to waste a lot of money for the hobby. Got a Centurio for the Roman project, some bodies, a tipewriter and fancy high heels and other usefull things from Klaus at Mini-Lifestyle
In my opinion there was a little bit too much of WW II. A line of Tom Traubert’s Blues came into my mind “I’m tired of all this soldiers here…” But anyway there was a diorama from this dark period of history that was really well done.

dio duiven

And it’s always great to see some figures apart from the beaten tracks, like this guy:


I posted some more pictures on the AFD-Board

Sep 24 2008

Behind The Curtains

Ten days left and then it’s Actionfigurado time again. This time Conzuela Delgado will be there with her camera operator Steve Miller. Conny will report for you from the event and will bring you pictures and interviews from the scene. This will be her first feature for the channel 5 production “Behind The Curtains”.

The characters and the “Behind The Curtains” show take part in my new comic project. Click on the image for a little teaser.

behind the curtains