Feb 5 2009

Board Oscar 2008 for Johnny

What a nice suprise!
My little project Johnny didn’t Come Back
won the Board Oscar 2008 of the German AFD Forum.


My works Ed Wood and Dr. Van Helsing were under the nominees as well. See all the nominees here.
That was already my second board oscar. In 2007 I won it for my Khmer Temple
Thank you very much.

Dec 31 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Entering the top ten with the places 10 – 6.

10. Alfred Hitchcock – “Psycho Clapper Board”


this picture is based on a PR picture of Alfred Hitchcock. The text on the clapper board was done in postproduction. It was part of the original promotion photo. I took the picture in the office of the “Old Fashioned Room” set.

9. Quint – Jaws -”Little White Shark”


One more picture of Quint on the beach. The sky was exchanged in postproduction, of course. The new sky gives a dramatic look to the scene.

8. Ed Wood -”Angora Sweater”


This picture was inspired by the Ed Wood movie poster. The angora sweater was colored in postproduction. Good match of the mood I think.

7. Ray


This was a sidekick of the Quint pier shooting. Its a Schleich animal. Doesn’t it look like a real ray? The shells in the picture are real little shells. The starfishes are made from Fimo

6. Ed Wood – “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

ed wood

One more Ed Wood picture, shot on the cemetery location. I like the use of the Bela Lugosi Dracula figure as Dr. Tom, pretending to be Bela Lugosi ;-)

Sep 7 2008

Ed Wood Update

You might remember, two month ago I published some pictures about the Tim Burton movie “Ed Wood” starring Johnny Depp as Ed Wood. Ed was shooting his movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” in my cemetery diorama.
Now I did a little update, dealing with Ed’s obsession for angora sweater.

ed wood

Jul 4 2008

Ed Wood

Here are the last pictures of the cemetery shootings.
Johnny Depp as Edward D. Wood Jr. in the Tim Burton movie Ed Wood

ed wood

The Johnny Depp head sculpt was done by Chan Ada. I don’t know from which film the reference pictures for this sculpt were, but I think it makes a good Ed Wood, even though the haircut does not exactly match the character. For this setting I made an old-fashioned movie camera and a boom.
For the optic parts I used some 1/6 parts from my “bits an bobs box”. In a do-it-yourself store I bought two Aluminium and a plastic tube and in a H0-Modellshop I got two small plastic tubes and a small hexagon. The rest is made out of household garbage.

In the scene Ed is shooting his movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space”