Dec 20 2009

My top Ten Faves 2009

7. Resaurus PickUps Guitar Collection


This year I had some good luck on ebay. I found some more of the 2000 Resaurus PickUps guitar collection. I love especially the Gibsom J-45 and the B.C. Rich Warlock. I’m sure the guys in the 1/6 scale band will love them too.

Nov 19 2008


Good Luck! I was able to find one more of the guitars from the Resaurus PickUps Line.
I found it at


This one is from the Gibson/Epiphone Signiture Series, the famous B.B. King “Lucille” in Ebony finish.

Oct 30 2008

Some New Guitars

Recently I found some 1/6 guitars on ebay.


The first one it the Ace Frehley Les Paul in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. It’s from the Resaurus PickUps line (2000) Would be great to find the Epiphone B.B. King Lucille, the B.C. Rich Mockingbird and Warlock and the Gibson J-45 from that line. So if you see those guitars somewhere, let me know.
The second guitar looks like a Gibson ES355. The third one looks like the John Lennon Rickenbacker 325. For this one I will do the Rickenbacker logo on the headstock. And the last one looks like a Fender Telecaster.

Jul 31 2008

Wire & F/X

Here are some self-made bits and bobs for the guitars. For the wires I bought some small wires from an electronic store (Conrad) The plugs are made out of some small tubes and round profiles. You can get them in model railway shops. The gaffer tape is real gaffer tape. For the wah-wah and the other F/X gear I used balsa wood and sticked some photo texture on it. The controllers are again round H0 profiles.


Jul 24 2008

We Will Rock You

Music Instruments in 1/6 Scale

One of my project for the future will be a a rock stage for music celebrities and for a comic project about a rock band as well. I already worked on some props and I’m collecting music instruments for it. In some of my works I did some stage improvisations for Charlie Watts, Snoop Dogg and Keith Richards.
There are a lot of music miniatures around, but unfortunately in many different scales and sometimes it’s not easy to pick up those that match the 1/6 scale or at least come close to that. I did a lot of research and I’d like to share my results with you. So here we go, starting with guitars.

When you do a search on guitar miniatures, you will find hundreds of them, but unfortunately most of them are in 1/5 scale. Here is my collection of guitars:


The spanish guitar was an ebay find in Hongkong.
The Fender Stratocaster and the Fender Telecaster are from the Fender Collection from SD Toys, with some good luck you still find them on ebay.
The first Gibson Les Paul is an ebay US find.
the second Les Paul is from Sideshows Spinal Tap figures
The Gibson Flying V is from Spinal Tap too.
the halfacoustic guitar is unbranded, looks like a Gibson, I think. It was an ebay Hongkong find as well.
Would be nice to have Rickenbacker or a Gretch, but I haven’t seen this guitars in the 1/6 scale.



The Fender Precision Bass and the Fender Jazz Bass are from the SD-Toys Fender Collection. You can still find them. The price is around 15 Euro or in the set of four with the Stratocaster and the Teelecaster for 60 Euro
The third bass seems to be a Rickenbacker. It’s from Sideshows Spinal Tap.

The bass guitar of Sid Visious from Medicom is a little bit too small, when you compare it with SD-Toys Fender Collection. I ordered an Ibanez and a Rickenbacker bass at Firebirds Art & Music, but as you know, the order never arrived here. So better stay away from those rooks.

to be continued…