Jan 2 2011

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 2 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Police Bike
(no brand, made in Taiwan)

Police Bike

I was looking for a good Harley-Davidson police bike for a long time. Now I’ve found this very heavy metal bike on ebay. The uniform is from Hot Toys and the belt from BBI.

Dec 29 2010

My Top Ten Faves 2010

# 6 Abigail Whistler Head
(Hot Toys)


Hot Toys is my favourite manufacturer of action figures. Unfortunately the figures are bloody expensive, so I’m not able to buy all the wonderfull figures, I’d love to own. Sometimes I buy only the head, if I can find it for a good price on ebay, like the Abigail Whistler/Jessica Biel head. I used a Hot Toys Caucasian body for her. I’m not sure about her outfit, I think it’s from Triad Toys. The high heels are from Crazy Owners.

Nov 25 2010

New Heads

here are three new heads.


First the DID head of Jude Law, second the Hot Toys King Leonidas/Gerald Butler head. He will show up in season 3. And third the Sarah Connor/Linda Hamilton head by Hot Toys.

Sep 12 2010

Chacha Asai

Here is my Sunday Girl for this week – Chacha Asai (Hot Toys).


Aug 8 2010

Scarlett Johansson

The sunday girls are back.
Here are some pics of my Scarlett Johansson bash.


May 10 2010

Black Widow

Another must buy. Coming this fall.

black widow

black widow

Mar 14 2010

Sheva Alomar

This weeks Sunday Girl is Sheva Alomar from Hot Toys. I didn’t buy the box set. First I had only her outfit, later I found the body for a good price on ebay. So some parts of her equipment are missing, but I don’t worry about that.

Sheva Alomar

Mar 7 2010


As always it was nice, to meet some of the usual suspects and talk to some new people as well.
Here’s what I bought:


The three Dragon bodies will loose their head some day and get a new custom head. The two DID guys would work well as some 60s style musicians. I think the Hot Toys muscle guy will make an excelent gladiator. With the “Legacy of Valor” girl I will try some artificial aging to turn her in an old Roman lady.
And I bought two wooden chairs and the Virtual Toys “Stone Cold Killer” Set. This is Bruce Willis as Hartigan in Sin City.

Feb 28 2010

Sunday Girls: On the Beach

I’m really sick and tired of winter. So I dicided to take some summer pix. Here are the two Hot Toys true type babes on the beach. I took the images in front of my tv-set.


Feb 21 2010

Machiko in the Jungle

Yesterday I removed my “Britannia-Set” from the living room floor, but before that, I turned it into a rainforest, to take some pictures of figures in a tropical location. Here are the images of Machiko: