Feb 23 2011

Elvis Car Museum

Here are the last pictures of the car shooting. A couple of years ago I toured through Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. When I was in Memphis I visited Graceland of course. There’s a little car museum showing Elvis’ cars. That was the inspiration for these pictures.

elvis car museum

Apr 8 2009

Captain Dallas

As promised here are the first new figures picures. With a look on the cost, I thought one figure will do it. After playing yesterday with Dallas, the Alien egg from his base and my Mc Farlane facehuggers, I think, I need Kane as well.


Apr 7 2009

Yellow Submarine

Here are some more pictures from the small scales toy archive. In 1999 Mc Farlane released The Beatles figures from the 1968 animation movie Yellow Submarine.


Mar 25 2009

Take It Away, Please!

When I was clearing my collection shelfs. I found some little spiders, that came along with the 6 Inch Mc Farlane Alice Cooper. I thought they would look great in an 1/6th scale context. So I took some quick pictures with my MiniMe and Anna. Anna is wearing a t-shirt from the Beck collection. The mask on the wall is an 1/12 Mc Farlane item as well.


Jan 2 2009

Three Jims


here are some new images of small scale figures for the toy archive. Jim Morrison is a 6 Inch Mc Farlane figure (2001). The two Jimi Hendrix figures are 6 Inch Mc Farlane productions as well (2003 & 2004). The Jimmy Page figure is 7 inch high and comes from NECA (2006)