Dec 4 2010

XXXIV. Moonlight

The final chapter of season 2 is online. Memento Mori goes to a winter break now. First I need a little break from the show. Then I have to finish the project for S.P.A.C.E. and I have to do some construction work on the Roman sets. For season 3 I’ll have to build two new major locations. When they are ready I’ll start shooting the first chapters of the next season. As soon as I have a little headstart, the new season will start. Check back to the blog to watch the progress of the new sets.
So here’s the final chapter:
English version
German version


For the establishing pics I did some composings. The main scene was shot on my living room floor using parts of the subura set assembled in a new order. I hope you liked the second season.
It would give me great pleasure, if you drop a line here.

Nov 27 2010

XXXIII. Arrested

The new chapter is online. Welcome to the first part of the finale. Season 2 will end next weekend.
English version
German version


Not much to say about this chapter. All the locations were introduced before. The new tribune is the Aaron Eckhart/Harvey Dent head sculpt from Hot Toys. And in the prefecture we see Chan Ada’s Ben Linus in the background.

Nov 20 2010

XXXII. My Name is Epicharis

The new chapter is online. Today we’ve the last but two episode. Epicharis meets Marcus and Lucius has some cabin fever. Find three new pages here:
English version
German version


The first scene takes place in the termopolio. The fat man is a Jack Nicholson/Frank Costello head. After the Memento Mori project I will turn him into a Departed custom figure. Furthermore our friend Tom has his appearance as an extra today.


The Lucius scene was shot in the basement location again. Next week we start with the great finale of season 2.

Nov 13 2010

XXXI. Options

The new chapter is online. The conspirators become flustered. Find the new pages here:
English version
German version


The first scene takes place in th e house of Scaevenius. I introduced the set in chapter II. This time I used only the little poster of a fresco from the villa of Livia. I bought this print in the Museo Nazionale Romano (Palazzo Massimo).


For the 2nd scene with Epicharis and Lucanus I worked again with the rear projection technique. The background is a modell of a Roman bath. I took the picture in the APX Xanten.


The last little scene takes place in the prefecture again. It’s one of the “KT-Studio” productions.

Nov 6 2010

XXX. Tiber Island

The new chapter is online. Again some ancient CSI. Find the new pages here:
English version
German version


Tiber Island was once the location of an ancient temple to Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine and healing.

Accounts say that in 293 BC, there was a great plague in Rome. Upon consulting the Sibyl, the Roman Senate was instructed to build a temple to Aesculapius, the Greek god of healing, and sent a delegation to Epidauros to obtain a statue of the deity. The delegation went on board a ship to sail out and obtain a statue. Following their belief system, they obtained a snake from a temple and put in on board their ship. It immediately curled itself around the ship’s mast and this was deemed as a good sign by them. Upon their return up the Tiber river, the snake slithered off the ship and swam onto the island. They believed that this was a sign from Aesculapius, a sign which meant that he wanted his temple to be built on that island.

This location may have been chosen for the Aesculapius Temple because it was separate from the rest of the city, which could help protect whoever was there from plague and illnesses.

That were the reasons why I choosed this location for the scene. The establishing-shots are again from the big Rome model in the Museo della Civilta Romana. For the indoor scene I used some of my Rome walls again. A nice addition is the relief of Aesculapius in the background. A new character is introduced as well – Menelaos a Greek Doctor, who works on Tiber Island. It’s a repaint of a Dragon head. Laelia Minor got a new body for the scene, ’cause I’m not a friend of all the visible joints.

Oct 30 2010

XXIX. Evil Eye

The new chapter is online. Is there a curse on the Laelius family? Find the new pages here:
English version
German version


The new characters are: Methe is a Dragon figure from the Timeline movie. Faustina and Gaia are from TTL.

Oct 23 2010

XXVIII. Downstream

The new Memento Mori chapter is online now. Find out something about the river Tiber. Here are four new pages:
English Version
German Version


Perhaps you know, that I prefer indoor shootings. Well for this chapter it was necessary to do some pictures outdoor. That was my first 1/6 scale outdoor shooting ever. After crawling through the mud for two hours, I knew again why I’m such a fan of indoor sets. Anyway, the result turned out nice.


For the fish on the hook, the sandal and the bent fishing rod I used a rear projection on my monitor.


I took the close-ups indoor. That was easy work with the pier and the wall in the background. Well the light colors are a little different, but I can live with that.

Oct 16 2010

XXVII. Nobody Loves Tigellinus

Six new pages are online now.
English version
german version

In this chapter we learn more about Tigellinus. We see him in several cutbacks. That means I had to do a lot of little scenes to show his life. Well, it would have been too much work to build a new set for every little scene. So I did some quick improvisations and I used the rear projection technique as well. Here is a little Making of…

The Tigellinus flashbacks are embeded in a a scene that takes place in Agilis’ Termopolio. The friends speak about the situation and Tigellinus becomes the main topic. The Termopolio is one of the main locations of the subura set.

Tigellinus is from humble beginnings. He inherited a fortune, bought land in Apulia and Calabria and devoted himself to breeding race-horses. For the first three cutback pictures to Tigellinus’ beginnings I worked with some rear projections using pictures from the mentioned area.

Circus Maximus
The Circus Maximus is again from the big Rome model I photographed in Rome. In Photoshop I did some additions – the audience on the tiers and some tiny charioteers as well.


For the Nero fan picture I used again a rear projection with a mosaic of a chariot race as background. In Photoshop I changed Neros facial expression for his “Ole, Ole” chant. Here is a little animation to compare the changes.

Nero’s passion for chariot races broght them together, so I did a little scene that takes place in a stable. The set is a quick improvisation. I used the floor from the bamboo hut and the river pier from the Vietnam set as walls and the porch from the Subura backyard set. And some horses of course.

For the scene with Burrus and Seneca a rear projection came into use again. I took some screenshots from a VR movie of a Roman 3D model. Burrus is an ACI head. He’s a Sean Connery look-alike.

Based on this VR walk-through I could simulate different angles to match the foreground scenes.

The main items of the “orgy”- scene are a poster of a Roman mosaic in the background and some golden canvas on the floor. In one picture I added some fruits. The “leg-model” in the foreground is a jakks pacific figure.

The set in the scenes with Poppaea is an improvisation again, consisting of the temple wall, a print of a border, a Minerva statue, a Venus relief and two paperboard-tubes with marble foil on it.

Octavia was in exile on some island. I thought a beach was a good location for the assassination. The octavia head was done by Chan Ada again. I admit, it’s not one of my best paintjobs. But for obvious reasons I needed a head with a neck. In postproduction I added the shadow of a praetorian to the picture.

For the shadow I took a back-light picture of Tigellinus.

On the beheaded Octavia I used some soft-putty and some movie blood.

In the Seneca scene we see a rear projection again. A blured picture of a 3D graphic. In the foreground I placed a marble column.

Tigellinus in front of the temple is a Photohop composing. In the second image I changed the facial expression again.

I looked for the desired expression on other figures and took pictures of them in the same light, angle and location. The rest is the magic of photoshop. I played a little with the Tigellinus material. Here is the result

Oct 2 2010

XXVI. Volusius Proculus

A new Memento Mori chapter is online now. Epicharis meets the captain of the imperial fleet Volusius Proculus. But can she trust him? Find the five new pages here:
English version
German Version


First I like to say thank you to Stephan Berry who gave me his friendly permission to use the images of his 1:72 model The Minerva at Harbor I did some montages to add Epicharis and Volusius to the scene. In two pictures I added also the models of a palanquin and two slaves carrying an amphora, in order to simulate some motion. Finally I used some blurred blow-ups for some rear projection pictures.


I used this technique for the beach pictures as well. The trireme in the background is a Photoshop addition. I couldn’t resist to do a little flash animation with the ship in the background. You’ll find it on page 105. For Volusius Proculus I used a repainted Dragon head.

Then we have a little scene that takes place in Lucius hideout. This are the only “shot on location” pictures in the chapter. We saw this location already in chapter XIX. The establishing shot is again from the Constantin-Rome model. For the Nomentum scene with Natalis and Seneca I worked again with the rear projection technique.


Sep 25 2010

XXV. The Art of Observation

A new Memento Mori chapter is online now. Marcus is followed by a spy of Tigellinus. See the four new pages here:
English version
German Version


For this set I assembled parts of the Subura set to a new location. Did you recognize all elements? The Brit trader is Sideshow’s Faramir. In the second part of the chapter I used some model pictures of Roman insulae I took at the museo della civilta romana in Rome. Part three of the scene takes place in one of the well-known Subura streets.