Jan 5 2009

120 Head Sculpts

I used the long weekend for 35 paintjobs on some new heads. After I finished them, I thought, you might would like to see some pictures of all the heads, waiting for a body, some fancy duds and a setting. Most of them are movie characters, waiting for their performance. But some of them will be used only as extras in some settings.


Click on the picture for more views. I guess, this is enough work for two or three years. Did you identify all the mugs? So you can imagine some of the upcoming custom figures.

And here is the “Who is who” list, for the overview image starting with the front row:
Gary Sinise – Detective Mac Taylor, CSI: NY
Wesley Snipes – Blade
Betty (Resinfigure head)
Orc – Lord of the Rings
Saïd Taghmaoui - Captain Said, Three Kings
Milla Jovovich – Alice, Resident Evil
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Dutch, Predator
Daniel Craig, James Bond, Casino Royale
Anthony Hopkins – Dr. Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs
Randy Savage (Wresler)
Angus Skrimm – Tall Man, Phantasm
Dwarf - Lord of the Rings
Tom Hanks -Paul Edgecomb, The Green Mile
Will Smith – Robert Neville, I am Legend
Morgan Freeman – Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding, The Shawshank Redemption
Robert Redford – Nathan D. Muir, Spy Game
Lance Henriksen – Bishop, Aliens
Ron Perlman – Johner, Alien: Resurrection
Harrison Ford – Rick Deckard, Blade Runner
Jack Nicholson – Costello, The Departed
Leonardo DiCaprio – Billy Costigan, The Departed
William Petersen – Gil Grissom, CSI
John Travolta – Captain Mike Kennedy, Ladder 49
Matt Damon – Jason Bourne, The Bourne Identity
Bill Cosby,
Ugly Guy
Sean Connery -John Patrick Mason, The Rock
Nicolas Cage – Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, The Rock
Summer Glau - Cameron Phillips, Sarah Conner Chronicles
Alyson Hannigan – Michelle Flaherty, American Wedding
Brad Pitt – John Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Smith
John Cusack – Ed, Identity
Paul Newman – Lew Harper, Harper
Christian Bale – Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins
Clint Eastwood - Joe, A Fistful of Dollars
Brad Pitt – Detective David Mills, Se7en
Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang, Smallville
Ron Perlman – Johner, Alien: Resurrection
Christopher Lloyd – Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future
Michael J. Fox – Marty McFly, Back to the Future
Jessica Biel
Antonio Banderas – El Mariachi, Desperado
Arnold Vosloo – High Priest Imhotep, The Mummy
Angelina Jolie (bald)
Brendan Fraser – Richard ‘Rick’ O’Connell, The Mummy
Jessica Biel (bald)
Peter Sellers – Insp. Jacques Clouseau, The Pink Panther
Marilyn Monroe
Omar Epps – Dr. Eric Foreman, House M.D.
Harold Ramis – Dr. Egon Spengler, Ghostbusters
Bill Murray - Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters
Bill Murray
Dan Aykroyd – Dr. Raymond Stantz, Ghostbusters
Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden, Fight Club
Robert Blake – Det. Tony Baretta, Baretta
Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan, Dexter
Bruce Willis – James Cole, 12 Monkeys
Tom Waits (with cap)
Tom Waits
Tom Waits (painted by Ada)
Kevin Spacey – John Doe, Se7en
Liam Neeson – Henri Ducard, Batman Begins
Brad Pitt – Tom Bishop, Spy Game
Quentin Tarantino – Mr. Brown, Reservoir Dogs
Robert Downey Jr. – Harry Lockhart, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Sean Penn - Jimmy Markum, Mystic River
Robert De Niro - Paul Vitti, Analyze This
Steve McQueen – Fire Chief Michael O’Hallorhan, The Towering Inferno
Steve McQueen – Bullitt
Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Unknown – Roman Senator
Clint Eastwood – Josey Wales, The Outlaw Josey Wales
Gerald Butler – Terry Sheridan, Tomb Raider
Charlton Heston – Judah Ben-Hur, Ben Hur
Jared Padalecki- Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Heath Ledger
Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester, Supernatural
James Gandolfini - Tony Soprano, The Sopranos
Eva Green – Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale
Mick (painted by Ada)
Dominic Monaghan - Charlie Pace, Lost
Terry O’Quinn – John Locke, Lost
Josh Holloway – James ‘Sawyer’ Ford, Lost
Matthew Fox- Jack Shephard, Lost
Matt Damon – Colin, The Departed
Milo Ventimiglia – Peter Petrelli, Heroes
Zachary Quinto – Sylar, Heroes
Masi Oka – Hiro Nakamura (future), Heroes
Christian Bale – John Preston, Equilibrium
Mickey-Rourke – Marv, Sin City
Wentworth Miller – Michael Scofield, Prision Break
Gillian Anderson – Dana Scully, The X-Files
David Duchovney – Fox Mulder, The X-Files
Eddie Murphy - Det. Axel Foley, Beverly Hills Cop,
Jamie Foxx - Max, Collateral
Tom Cruise – Vincent, Collateral
Barack Obama
Edward Norton – Derek Vinyard, American History X
George Clooney – Archie Gates, Three Kings
Mark Wahlberg – Troy Barlow, Three Kings
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Hakim, Game of Death
George Clooney – Danny Ocean, Ocean’s Eleven
Ron Perlman – Reinhardt, Blade II
Hugh Laurie – Dr. Gregory House, House M.D.
Ariel Sharon
Brad Pitt – Detective David Mills, Se7en
Sean Connery
Michael Douglas – Steven Taylor, A Perfect Murder
William Fichtner - Alexander Mahone, Prision Break
David Wayne – Mad Hatter, Batman
Alicia Keys
George Clooney
Peter Fonda - Wyatt, Easy Rider
Angelina Jolie
Patrick Stewart – Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek
Jessica Alba - Nancy Callahan, Sin City
George Clooney

Jan 3 2009

Friends with Money

Jennifer Aniston as Olivia in Friends with Money

Here is my first custom figure of the year. I found the head on ebay Hong Kong. When I bought it, I had no idea about a figure, but the price was okay and you can never have enough female heads. And… nice suprise: I got two heads with different hairstyles for the price of one. Recently I saw the movie Friends with Money. In one scene Jennifer wears a french maid dress. I had such a dress in my 1/6 costume box. So the idea for this figure was born. I tinkered a little room improvisation and here we are.


Btw, Jennifer will be a character in my comic adventure as well, so I took some more pictures in normal streetwear.

Dec 28 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

1. Alien – Captain Dallas

And here is my number 1 of this years toy countdown. Again it’s a Hot Toys production. Captain Dallas from the first Alien movie.

Captain Dallas

Why is this my number1? Simply for that: I love space suits. And a figure in a space suit is really something extraordinary. I haven’t bought the figure yet, because it is – like all Hot Toys figures – bloody expensive. This figure would look marvelous in a diorama.
Tomorrow I will post the Top 5 of my this years customs/kitbashes.

Dec 24 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

4. Gandalf the Grey

And again “The Lord of the Rings” and again Sideshow. My number 4 goes to Gandalf the Grey.


This is an awesome head sculpt and a great figure. Please Sideshow, don’t stop it! Give us more. I would love to see the whole fellowship, some female characters and some Orcs as well.

Have a merry christmas!
btw, Gandalf would make a good Santa, wouldn’t he? ;-)

Dec 23 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

5. Mr.White

This is my number 5, the Sideshow figure Mr. White from the Quentin Tarentino movie “Reservoir Dogs”

Mr. White

Harvey Keitel is one of my all time favourite actors. So I was glad, that Sideshow produced this figure.

Dec 22 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

6. Samwise Gamgee

My number 6 in the countdown goes again to Sideshow Collectibles for their “Lord of the Rings” figure “Samwise Gamgee”.


That is an excellent likeness. Sideshow really did a marvelous Job on this little Hobbit. I hope they will bring us more Lord of the Rings figures or at least Merry, Pippin and Gimli to complete the fellowship.

Dec 21 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

7. Obi-Wan Kenobi

My number 7 goes again to Sideshow Collectibles: Alec Guinness as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi from the 1977 “Star Wars” movie. For a great likeness again.


I won’t really call myself a Star Wars fan, but the movies became a part of pop culture. I prefer the old films, because I don’t like the fight scenes in the new productions. All the Jedi knights including Yoda jumping around like rubber balls. Was that really necessary?

Dec 20 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

8. Professor Henry Jones

My Number 8 goes again to MediCom Toys for their Professor Henry Jones Figure, based on the Movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Henry Jones

Medicom did a great job on the head sculpt with a good likeness of Sean Connery. And Connery is one of my all time favourite actors. Again the sad news is, that Medicom toys are much too expensive, so I had to skip that one as well. But I built my own custom figure of Professor Henry Jones So there is no urgent need to buy this one.

Dec 19 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

9. Shaun of the Dead

Here is number 9 in my Top 10 favourite countdown 2008. Sideshows “Shaun of the Dead” figure Shaun.


I loved the movie and Sideshow did some nice work on Shaun (Simon Pegg) and on Ed (Nick Frost) as well. And with Sideshows line “The Dead” they are in good company.The facial expressions are maybe a bit overdone. Another thing that bothers me are the visible joints. It’s always a problem with short sleeves. Would be nice, if Sideshow would do some “Hot Fuzz” figures as well.
I haven’t bought the figures yet, but maybe Santa will bring them.

Nov 21 2008

Captain Leland Stottlemeyer

Here is the second part of my little Monk crimescene story, featuring Ted Levine as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer & Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk in the TV show “Monk”. The head sculpts were done by Reggie from the OSW Board. Most of the extras wear BBI police uniforms. The victim as a Jakks Pacific figure.

leland stottlemeyer