Dec 20 2009

My top Ten Faves 2009

7. Resaurus PickUps Guitar Collection


This year I had some good luck on ebay. I found some more of the 2000 Resaurus PickUps guitar collection. I love especially the Gibsom J-45 and the B.C. Rich Warlock. I’m sure the guys in the 1/6 scale band will love them too.

Apr 7 2009

Yellow Submarine

Here are some more pictures from the small scales toy archive. In 1999 Mc Farlane released The Beatles figures from the 1968 animation movie Yellow Submarine.


Jan 22 2009

This is pissing me off!

Yesterday I received a parcel. I was quite surprised, because I didn’t expect anything and the postman wanted to encash 13 Euro for the duty guys. I didn’t believe my eyes, when I saw the senders address: the blacklisted Firebird Arts & Music. You may remember I wrote about that last JULY. I orderered that in March 2008. They shipped it on the 6th of January 2009 and it arrived yesterday !!!!!
That makes 11 month! And as already mentioned, they never replied to any of my mails.
And now the content:

music instruments

The mandolin the banjo and the trombone are nice, but meanwhile, after waiting for ages, I got all this instruments from other sources. The microphone looked good on the website, but it turned out as a piece of rubbish. But the most annoying matter are the bass guitars. On the website they were specified as 1/6 items. But you see it on the picture: they are at least 1/5 scale. Those guys deal a lot with 1/6 stuff, what makes a mistake like this more than only unacceptable. This company really sucks.
They will stay on my personal blacklist forever!

music instruments

Jan 19 2009

The Piano Has Been Drinking

Tom Waits

Tom Waits is my favourite songwriter. For that reason I commisioned his head from Ada For the pictures I used two copies. On one I ground the hair and placed the Robert Blake cap on it. For the shooting some of my figures from the band project had the honor to be on stage with Mr. Waits.

Tom Waits

Jan 2 2009

Three Jims


here are some new images of small scale figures for the toy archive. Jim Morrison is a 6 Inch Mc Farlane figure (2001). The two Jimi Hendrix figures are 6 Inch Mc Farlane productions as well (2003 & 2004). The Jimmy Page figure is 7 inch high and comes from NECA (2006)

Dec 29 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Over the year I took tons of pictures. On the weekend I did a little review and listed my favourite images of the year. I thought another countdown would be nice for this. So, here are the places 20 – 16. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

20. Johnny didn’t Come Back


Sometimes I’m tired of the multitude of military figures and kitbashes. And I’m not a fan of soldiers in heoric poses. War is about agony and death. That brought me to this little concept work, showing a decayed GI in the jungle. I wanted, that the props – the rusty pistole and his wallet with a girl’s picture – tell a story. for the scene I created a little jungle location with a crashed helicopter in the trees. The skeleton is a repainted “Glow-In-The-Dark” skeleton.

19. The Cornet Player


A very simple image, but I love it anyway. I like the light reflexes and blooming on the cornet and also the facial expression of the musician. The picture reminds me on a Jazz musician and my visits on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

18. Robert Mitchum – Film Noir

film noir

The series with my Robert Mitchum figure takes place in the “Old Fashioned Room” diorama. Outside I placed a poster with the skyline of New York. In order to get the desired Film noir ambience, I used a low key illumination and worked with hard contrast. The main light comes from outside the window and some mini spots lighten Mitchums face and the table. I like the shadows on his face and the details on the table.

17. Aragorn & Brego


This is an image of the Sideshow figure Aragorn on a DID horse. It was shot in the “riverbed”. I blowed a lot of fog into the background. That makes a nice spooky forest. And I think there is a little illusion of motion in it.

16. Keith Richards

Keith Richards

I like the blue back light here. And the air is full of cigarette smoke. Only Charlie Watts in the background is much too young.

Dec 18 2008

My Top Ten Faves 2008:

10. Keith Richards

Following Shauns idea, I do a little countdown of my favourite toys of 2008. I didn’t buy a lot, because some of them are too expensive for my taste. So I picked up only a few movie figures and some Romans for a future project. But I spend a lot of money on parts, heads, clothes and props. So after all it became a busy toy year. I worked on 26 custom figures, several bashes and 3 diorama projects.

So here is my number 10: Keith Richards by Medicom

Keith Richards

In my youth I was a Rolling Stones fan, that’s one reason for the vote and it’s no secret, that I love music figures. You will find only a few on the market and Medicom brought us some of the best (Sex Pistols, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury). But unfortunately Medicom toys are bloody expensive. So probably I won’t buy this figure. Apart from that I did my own Keith and a Charlie Wats as well

Nov 19 2008


Good Luck! I was able to find one more of the guitars from the Resaurus PickUps Line.
I found it at


This one is from the Gibson/Epiphone Signiture Series, the famous B.B. King “Lucille” in Ebony finish.

Nov 1 2008


Time for some more small scale pictures. Here are Brian Johnson and Angus Young from AC/DC. (NECA)


Oct 31 2008


Here is one more classical music instrument. In fact one of the oldest known instruments. The harp is a bit smaller than a big concert harp, but harps come in different sizes and so it works pretty well, I think.
Again it’s an ebay find in the United States.