Dec 31 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Entering the top ten with the places 10 – 6.

10. Alfred Hitchcock – “Psycho Clapper Board”


this picture is based on a PR picture of Alfred Hitchcock. The text on the clapper board was done in postproduction. It was part of the original promotion photo. I took the picture in the office of the “Old Fashioned Room” set.

9. Quint – Jaws -”Little White Shark”


One more picture of Quint on the beach. The sky was exchanged in postproduction, of course. The new sky gives a dramatic look to the scene.

8. Ed Wood -”Angora Sweater”


This picture was inspired by the Ed Wood movie poster. The angora sweater was colored in postproduction. Good match of the mood I think.

7. Ray


This was a sidekick of the Quint pier shooting. Its a Schleich animal. Doesn’t it look like a real ray? The shells in the picture are real little shells. The starfishes are made from Fimo

6. Ed Wood – “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

ed wood

One more Ed Wood picture, shot on the cemetery location. I like the use of the Bela Lugosi Dracula figure as Dr. Tom, pretending to be Bela Lugosi ;-)

Dec 30 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

And here are my fave pics 15 – 11.

15. Frankenstein Monster


A picture of Sideshows first 12 inch figure ever. I like the contrast between the dark foreground with the grave hole and the outshine in the center. And of course Mr. Karloff with the skull in his “to be or not to be” pose. The sepia brown tonality brings the look of an old silent movie.

14. Joe’s Garage

joe's garage

An image of the Joe’s Garage diorama with my MiniMe, eating some Re-Ment donuts. I love all the details in this picture and also the paper walls with the printed texture are looking good.

13. David Dunn – Unbreakable

David Dunn

David Dunn (Bruce Willis) in the Night. In the background you see the shop wall and the phone booth. The picture is illuminated by a single mini spot. I like the mystery ambience with the hidden eyes.

12. Quint – Jaws – “Dinghy”


It was a lot of fun, building this scene. I used the riverbed with real water, a lot of sand, a balsa wood pier, an Amity Island billboard and parts of the “street” and “temple” diorama to built it.

11. Dr. Van Helsing – “Cemetery”

van Helsing

Another picture taken in the “cemetery” diorama. I like the composition with the angel in the foreground and the illumination only with the lantern and no additional lights.