Jun 27 2009

Dyeing Mill & Backyard

The next building was the house with the wooden jutty. For the jutty I used a cardboard box and attached my Heki-Dur “planks” with double sided tape. I used a little comb to create some woodlike texture. The beams are made from balsa wood. I had some space left so I decided to bring in a little dyeing mill and a backyard.
The inspiration for it came again from HBOs Rome. For the stairway I used balsa wood. The rest is again Modur and Heki-Dur.

dyeing mill

Jun 2 2009


Now It’s time to start the new diorama project. I think I’m well prepared. Never did that much research for a project. I spend days on websites, watched a lot of footage and meanwhile I own a nice little library about ancient Rome and Amithi helped out with even more books. I visided some archeological sites in Germany and spend a week in Rome for some research at the origin. The HBO Show Rome war a rich source of inspiration. Furthermore I have to name Ostia Antica and the Museo della Civiltá Romana as places that ignited my imagination.
Here are some of my inspiration pictures.


May 17 2009

Back from Rome

I’m back from my little trip to Rome. I found a lot of inspirations for my upcoming Rome project in Ostia Antica. My favourite museum was the Museo della Civiltà Romana. Guess why? Here are some pictures:





For the next couple of months I work in an agency. That means, there will be only a little spare time for the hobby. On all the boards and blogs I’ll be a rare guest, I think. But don’t worry, I’ll be back!
Expect updates to this blog on the weekends. I also had to put a lot of my custom projects on hold. I will use the little free time to focus on the Rome project.

Mar 31 2009


Today a ship arrived in the harbour of Ostia, bringing amphoras with goods from Alexandria… I found this little amphoras on ebay. I think they will look great in my Subura project.


Mar 19 2009

Mickus Dunedinus

Here are some shots of my MiniMe in his Roman outfit. This version of the head was painted by Chan Ada. The figure will be your host in the Making of… reports of the Rome project. The wheels will be used for an ancient waggon.


Mar 10 2009

In the Gaulic Swamps

When the forest was on display I took some pictures of my Ignite figures. See Gaius Julius Caesar and his legion in the gaulic swamps.


Mar 6 2009

Urbs Aeterna

Yesterday I booked a flight to Rome. Yippie yah yeah!!! In about seven weeks I will go there for a week, to do some research for the upcoming Rome project. This will be my biggest project up to now.
In the eternal city I will visit some of the famous sights and of course some museums as well. The picture below shows a Model of Rome. It is located in the Museo della Civiltà Romana. I will have a closer look on that.


I also like to do some shopping, hunting for scale items, that can be used in the diorama. Some Roman gods in 1/6 scale some busts and same smaller scale gods for a home or street altar and other scale items like amphoras a.s.o
Apart from all that I will take some time for coffee, pasta vino rosso and the dolce far niente.

If you know anything in Rom, that I shouldn’t miss, let me know.
@Amithi Let me know, if you need anything for your Rome project, I will put it on my search list.

Feb 21 2009

HBO – Rome


A couple of days ago I bought the HBO show Rome and as an addition the book about the show. Both are good sources for my upcoming Rome diorama project. There are a lot of great reference pictures of locations, props and costumes. I really like the show, even though it reminds me sometimes on an ancient version of that Dynasty Denver clan. On the DVDs are some good extras as well, but I haven’t seen them all yet. One very nice feature is the option, to view the episodes with comments on the historical background. A very usefull feature I think.
So little by little it becomes more clear how my project will look. It will be a street somewhere in the plebeians quaters. Have a look on the following picture of the fishmarket street of Rome. That will give you an idea of the direction how the diorama will look.


Jan 31 2009

Gilles Chaillet

Das Rom der Kaiserzeit

One of my future plans is to built some Roman settings. It should take place in the day’s of Gaius Julius Caesar. I still don’t know what I will built, but probably it will be more than only one set. Im thinking of a crane, a watchtower, parts of a roman villa maybe… or perhaps a thermae.
Research is always part of the fun for me, using the internet, visiting places like the APX Xanten or with some good luck – the Eternal City itself. And of course the good old book. Yesterday I found a nice one.

Das Rom der Kaiserzeit by Gilles Chaillet


This morning I read the first 50 Pages and it’s great. It’s a view on the city through the eyes of the fictional character Flavianus Nicomachus in the year 315. Okay, that’s some hundred years after my diorama timeframe, but I think there are still tons of useful information about daily life in ancient Rome in it. Not to talk about all the great photos and the magnificent drawings and birdview maps. All things considered it’s a fantastic inspiration and it makes me to want to book the next flight to Rome. Thumbs up!


Jan 30 2009

What’s next?

Thanks God, it’s Friday eve. At the moment I got a lot of work to do in my job. So there are only the weekends left for the hobby. Today I like to draw out a little schedule of upcoming projects. This weekend I will close the voting. And I hope to be able to show the first results in a little “Behind the Curtains” comic. I will complete this comic little by little over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I will start shooting it.
I will also take some Lord of the Rings pictures with my new Sideshow figures. For that setting my forest decoration will be placed on the display table for some weeks.
The plan for the next weekend is to spend some hours working on my Fat Man Suit. Stay tuned for that one :-)
In the diorama section there will be two small projects next. The first one is a set of photo textured backdrops, showing concrete walls. Of course I will built some additional details like tubes, a metal staircase, doors etc. This material can then be used in different variations for industrial environments, tunnel or bunker locations.

concrete backdrop

A follow-up will be a little prision cell. This will be the location for a little customs line. I call it “The Prisoners”. It will show some famous movie and television prisoners. Have a look on the 120 head sculpts and you can figure out who’ll be sentenced to sit in that jail.
The next giant diorama project will be a roman set. (It’s not the colosseum ;-) ) Tomorrow I will drop some lines about the research for that project and I will introduce a book, that I bought today.