Dec 5 2010

The Babysitter

This Sunday a not so lovely girl. Here’s Sideshows The Babysitter from their os The Dead. She’s accompanied by two of my custom zombies.


Mar 28 2009

The Rocking Chair

Last weekend the flea market season opened in my hometown. So I switched my attention into onesixth mode and went for a walk. I found two nice items. The first one was this rocking chair.

rocking chair

I thought, it would fit best into a Western setting. So I did a quick set improvisation for it. It was a good change as well, to give two of my Sideshow extras a first appearance.

Mar 8 2009


Yesterday I spend the day on the ActionFigurado in Duiven. As always it was nice to meet the usual suspects and have some talks about the hobby with other toy maniacs.
Here is a picture of my hunting results.


I bought three horses, that will be used in the Roman project. Some bodies for custom figures (5 Dragon, 1 BBI, 1 Hot Toys, 1 Sideshow). I like the head sculpt of the Sideshow civil war figure. So, good luck for the guy, he will keep his head on his shoulders and will probably have some appearances as an extra. The unlucky other guys will get decapitated, and get actors heads. I also bought a Triad Toys Otaku body. This time the girl has a more realistic head sculpt. I didn’t like the Manga look on the first Otaku bodies. What else? A Samuel L. Jackson lookalike head, 5 designer chairs for one of my future comic locations, a nice leatherjacket two Beck t-shirts, some cheap workaday clothes from the bargain boxes, a chain hood, ancient shoes, some Re-Ment sets with vegetables and the action-food spaghetti set (That’s a nice one – can’t wait, to built a mafia mobster eating his pasta)

Mar 2 2009


And here are the last pictures of my little Lord of the Rings shooting. Meanwhile the fellowship left the timber line behind and reached Caradhras.


Feb 27 2009

The Fellowship

Here are some pictures the fellowship of the Ring or better, the fellowship of the Ring so far. The Toy Biz Gimli filled a gap, but two hobbits are still missing. Will they ever come? Sideshow…please!!!


Feb 24 2009

Gandalf the Grey

Here are some pictures of my latest Sideshow Lord of the Rings figure. It’s a great head sculpt with a good likeness of Ian McKellen.


Feb 19 2009

Frodo & Sam

Here comes the second part of my little Lord of the Rings update. The Sideshow figures Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. Hey Sideshow, please complete the fellowship!

Frodo and Sam

Jan 30 2009

What’s next?

Thanks God, it’s Friday eve. At the moment I got a lot of work to do in my job. So there are only the weekends left for the hobby. Today I like to draw out a little schedule of upcoming projects. This weekend I will close the voting. And I hope to be able to show the first results in a little “Behind the Curtains” comic. I will complete this comic little by little over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I will start shooting it.
I will also take some Lord of the Rings pictures with my new Sideshow figures. For that setting my forest decoration will be placed on the display table for some weeks.
The plan for the next weekend is to spend some hours working on my Fat Man Suit. Stay tuned for that one :-)
In the diorama section there will be two small projects next. The first one is a set of photo textured backdrops, showing concrete walls. Of course I will built some additional details like tubes, a metal staircase, doors etc. This material can then be used in different variations for industrial environments, tunnel or bunker locations.

concrete backdrop

A follow-up will be a little prision cell. This will be the location for a little customs line. I call it “The Prisoners”. It will show some famous movie and television prisoners. Have a look on the 120 head sculpts and you can figure out who’ll be sentenced to sit in that jail.
The next giant diorama project will be a roman set. (It’s not the colosseum ;-) ) Tomorrow I will drop some lines about the research for that project and I will introduce a book, that I bought today.

Dec 30 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

And here are my fave pics 15 – 11.

15. Frankenstein Monster


A picture of Sideshows first 12 inch figure ever. I like the contrast between the dark foreground with the grave hole and the outshine in the center. And of course Mr. Karloff with the skull in his “to be or not to be” pose. The sepia brown tonality brings the look of an old silent movie.

14. Joe’s Garage

joe's garage

An image of the Joe’s Garage diorama with my MiniMe, eating some Re-Ment donuts. I love all the details in this picture and also the paper walls with the printed texture are looking good.

13. David Dunn – Unbreakable

David Dunn

David Dunn (Bruce Willis) in the Night. In the background you see the shop wall and the phone booth. The picture is illuminated by a single mini spot. I like the mystery ambience with the hidden eyes.

12. Quint – Jaws – “Dinghy”


It was a lot of fun, building this scene. I used the riverbed with real water, a lot of sand, a balsa wood pier, an Amity Island billboard and parts of the “street” and “temple” diorama to built it.

11. Dr. Van Helsing – “Cemetery”

van Helsing

Another picture taken in the “cemetery” diorama. I like the composition with the angel in the foreground and the illumination only with the lantern and no additional lights.

Dec 29 2008

My Fave pictures 2008

Over the year I took tons of pictures. On the weekend I did a little review and listed my favourite images of the year. I thought another countdown would be nice for this. So, here are the places 20 – 16. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

20. Johnny didn’t Come Back


Sometimes I’m tired of the multitude of military figures and kitbashes. And I’m not a fan of soldiers in heoric poses. War is about agony and death. That brought me to this little concept work, showing a decayed GI in the jungle. I wanted, that the props – the rusty pistole and his wallet with a girl’s picture – tell a story. for the scene I created a little jungle location with a crashed helicopter in the trees. The skeleton is a repainted “Glow-In-The-Dark” skeleton.

19. The Cornet Player


A very simple image, but I love it anyway. I like the light reflexes and blooming on the cornet and also the facial expression of the musician. The picture reminds me on a Jazz musician and my visits on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

18. Robert Mitchum – Film Noir

film noir

The series with my Robert Mitchum figure takes place in the “Old Fashioned Room” diorama. Outside I placed a poster with the skyline of New York. In order to get the desired Film noir ambience, I used a low key illumination and worked with hard contrast. The main light comes from outside the window and some mini spots lighten Mitchums face and the table. I like the shadows on his face and the details on the table.

17. Aragorn & Brego


This is an image of the Sideshow figure Aragorn on a DID horse. It was shot in the “riverbed”. I blowed a lot of fog into the background. That makes a nice spooky forest. And I think there is a little illusion of motion in it.

16. Keith Richards

Keith Richards

I like the blue back light here. And the air is full of cigarette smoke. Only Charlie Watts in the background is much too young.