Sep 18 2009

Signifer, Cornicen, Vexillarius & Aquilifer

The Vexillarius is the original Ignite figure. For the Cornicen I build a cornu, using an infusion tube, some wooden pearls on a plastic stick and some Green Stuff. The Signifer got a mask, made out of an old Dragon head. On the top I used Green Stuff and stamped some ornamental tribes into it.

Signifer Cornicen Vexillarius Aquilifer

For the eagle I took a Schleich eagle. The arrows are from ToyBiz 6 Inch LotR figures. In a toy shop I found a lion that was useble for the animal skin.

Signifer Cornicen Vexillarius Aquilifer

Apr 5 2009

Dallas & Machiko

Yesterday I visited Claudia and Klaus. It was a nice evening with a fantastic italian meal. And I picked up the two Hot Toys figures, that Klaus ordered for me – Dallas and Machiko. And I took one more Ignite soldier. So my Roman legion got a signifer now. I wil take pictures soon.

hot toys