Oct 5 2009

First Shops

Meanwhile the first shops moved in. A draper and a tanner are selling their goods.


Sep 18 2009


Here is the next location.
the skull and the broken amphoras are aquarium goodies.


Sep 18 2009

House with Wooden Jutty

The warehouse got a second floor now.
And here is the painted version of the jutty house.


Sep 18 2009

Signifer, Cornicen, Vexillarius & Aquilifer

The Vexillarius is the original Ignite figure. For the Cornicen I build a cornu, using an infusion tube, some wooden pearls on a plastic stick and some Green Stuff. The Signifer got a mask, made out of an old Dragon head. On the top I used Green Stuff and stamped some ornamental tribes into it.

Signifer Cornicen Vexillarius Aquilifer

For the eagle I took a Schleich eagle. The arrows are from ToyBiz 6 Inch LotR figures. In a toy shop I found a lion that was useble for the animal skin.

Signifer Cornicen Vexillarius Aquilifer

Sep 18 2009

Quintus Sulpicius Longus

Here is one more tribune: Quintus Sulpicius Longus
The gear is mostly from the Crazy Owners kit.
As you can see the part is played by Jason Statham. ;-)
Sometime after the Rome project he will play the Transporter.

Quintus Sulpicius Longus

Sep 9 2009

A Well on a Muddy Road

A little progress in the Subura. The well is ready. I wrote already about the construction


I used plaster bandages and some plaster to blend the mask into the wall. On the floor of the well is a little mosaik. You can’t see it, because of all the bubbles in the water. But that’s like Robert De Niros silk Al Capone underwear in the The Untouchables. You never see it, but I know it’s there.

muddy road

Not all the streets in ancient Rome were paved. So I worked on a a part of a muddy road. I used plaster for the structure and pushed in some footprints, some wheeltracks and some hoofprints. For the puddles near the well I took model water.


In the background you see an old warehouse. For this I conected some of my Modur oddments with some plaster bandages. This building will get a second floor made out of my Heki-Dur wood imitation.

Sep 5 2009


A little update to the subura cast. Here are my legionnaires. The first one is the original Ignite figure.The second and the third one got a Dragon head. The last figure is a bbi body. I prefer the gallic helmets. The attic version wasn’t really common in the normal troops. It can be used for officers.


I like the Lorica Segmentata. I hope, I can get some more of them to do some more roman soldiers

Sep 5 2009


Here is the next step
my Termopolio:


Of course I will built some more furniture for it and some little props like dishes as well.

Sep 5 2009

Appius Paccienus

Here is a little update to my Rome Cast.
It’s the Ignite Centurio with no changes. It’s one of the better Ignite heads. Reminds me on a young Al Pacino.

appius paccienus

Aug 28 2009

Workroom of a Lupa

And here is a “workroom” in the Lupanarium:


The rooms were often very small, just the space for a brick bed…
The Lupa is wearing a vesture made out of silk from the island Kos. That silk was gauzy and famous for showing more than hiding