Dec 5 2010

The Babysitter

This Sunday a not so lovely girl. Here’s Sideshows The Babysitter from their os The Dead. She’s accompanied by two of my custom zombies.


Nov 14 2010


This Sunday one of the very first BBI Cy-Girls. Here’s Kat with her New Ray Enduro.


Nov 7 2010


Time for the Sunday Girl again. Here are some pics of Laurie. She’s the dresser in my Tom comic and has a little role in Memento Mori as well.


Oct 31 2010

Halloween Helen

Have a happy Halloween.


Oct 19 2010


This Sunday some pictures of Alice fighting zombies.


Oct 10 2010

Anna and the Elephant

This Sunday some pictures of Anna and the elephant, who probably steals the show from Anna.

Anna and elephant

Oct 3 2010

Bloody Rose

It’s Sunday Girl time again. today some picture s of Bloody Rose – a Cy Girl Classic. I used parts of the Subura set and assembled the elements in a new way. Finally I brought in some modern props… and voila – it makes a nice dark and spooky backyard.

bloody rose

Sep 26 2010

Honey on Firebike

This Sunday some simple pictures of Honey on a firebike.


The figure is Cute Honey from BBI. The jumpsuit is from a Hongkong based internet shop

Sep 19 2010

Lucy and an Indian

This week’s Sunday Girl shows nothing really new. Lucy is a caucasian Perfect Body BBI figure on a New Ray Indian. The set was introduced earlier as well. Nevertheless I hope you like the pics.


Sep 12 2010

Chacha Asai

Here is my Sunday Girl for this week – Chacha Asai (Hot Toys).