Sep 5 2010


Here is one of my older figures. I think this nice Afro-American girl was a GI_Jane Nurse. I used her as a nurse in my 2007 Vietnam set.


Aug 29 2010


some very simple pics on this Sunday.


figure: TTL
outfit: Dollsfigure

Aug 22 2010

A Western Theme

This Sunday a little western theme.


Figure: Triad Toys
Pants: Triad Toys
Top: vintage ?
Hat: Sideshow
Boots: CY Girl
Gun: ?
Horses: Marx
Rocking chair: flea market
Stool: Mattel
skull: pet shop

Aug 21 2010

No Harley for Harley

A Harley Davidson is still missing in my collection.
So Takara Cool Girl Harley gets only a Triumph.


Aug 8 2010

Scarlett Johansson

The sunday girls are back.
Here are some pics of my Scarlett Johansson bash.


Jul 18 2010


After a little break I’m back now with my sunday girls. Here’s Jennifer from Dragon in a Memento Mori location.


Jun 27 2010

Kim Rocks

Here is my sunday girl again. One more babe rocking the stage. I’m not really sure about the head and the outfit, but I think it’s from dollsfigure.


Jun 20 2010


It’s sunday girl time again. Here’s Nadia.
Head and outfit from dollsfigure.
I used the home of Piso from my Memento Mori comic as location for the pictures.


May 23 2010

Commissaria Laura Sanvitale

Here is my bash for this sunday – Commissaria Laura Sanvitale. The set is an upcoming location in my Memento Mori comic. The head is from Triad Toys, the body from TTL.
The outfit from here and there on ebay.


May 9 2010

Maid Maggie

My Sunday Girl for this week is Maid Maggie from Crazy Owners. With her long face she isn’t really a beauty, but I like the head sculpt anyway, because it’s very unique.